[May Point] During the visit of Canadian Prime Minister Harper to China, China and Canada issued a joint statement on the 3rd. The two sides reiterated in their statement that they are willing to fight transnational crimes and repatriate fugitives according to their respective laws...

[ May Point] During the visit of Canadian Prime Minister Harper to China, China and Canada issued a joint statement on the 3rd.

In their statements, the two sides reiterated their willingness to strengthen cooperation in combating transnational crimes and repatriating fugitives in accordance with their respective laws. The two sides also agreed to sign the Memorandum of Understanding on Combating Criminal Cooperation at an early date and agreed to negotiate an agreement to share the proceeds of crime. The two sides expressed their willingness to maintain communication on relevant issues that the above and other parties will consider in the future to further expand cooperation in this field.

The statement also stated that the two sides acknowledge that different historical and national conditions will lead to different views on human rights and other issues. The two sides agreed to strengthen dialogue and exchange on human rights issues on the basis of equality and mutual respect.

The statement also announced that China will set up a consulate general in Montreal, and China announced that Canada is a destination for Chinese citizens to travel abroad.

It is reported that on the 3rd, Foreign Ministry Spokesperson Qin Gang said at a regular press conference that Lai Changxing was the first offender of the Xiamen Taihua Extraordinary Smuggling Case. The Chinese government’s request to repatriate Lai Changxing to return to China for trial is consistent. We asked the Canadian side to return Lai Changxing to China as soon as possible and settled the case. ( Heilongjiang News Network )

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