[Maidian.com] On November 29th, the written examination of the public subjects of the civil servant recruitment examinations of the central government and its affiliated institutions ended in 2010. The statistics show that the total number of applicants has reached 1.46 million, an increase from last year...

[ May Point Network] On November 29th, the written examination of the public subjects of the Central Authorities and their directly affiliated institutions in 2010 was completed. The statistics show that the total number of applicants has reached 1.46 million, an increase of more than 400,000 from last year. new highs. The "National Examination" has become a veritable hottest test, and the "national examination economy" has also been promoted by heat. Behind the hot national test scene, it also reflects the "not bad money" mentality of the candidates for the preparation for examinations, teaching materials, training courses, transportation, accommodation and other expenses, adding a hot "national examination economy" firewood.

In the "national economic chain" composed of teaching aids, training, transportation, accommodation, etc., the tourism industry has half of the resources, and of course, tourism companies have to borrow the wind from the east.

Hotel prices near the test center skyrocketed 3 times, a room is hard to find

The most popular during the national examination is the hotel near the test center. Many hotels have risen in price one week before the test, and the day before the test is a sky-high price. According to relevant statistics, the national test house price is 3 times higher than the normal price, and the room is more Was robbed in advance. According to the Nanfang Daily, most family hotels near a university town are usually 60 to 80 yuan a night, the price suddenly increased to more than 200 yuan during the examination, and the room was sold out three days before the test. In addition to family hotels, there are only a few large hotels near the University City, but the prices are not as high as ordinary students. Because the rent is too expensive, the candidates even posted on the Internet to collect "examination friends" to share the rent.

Travel agencies cleverly set up a group to catch the "national examination", with an income of tens of thousands

In response to the needs of non-test center city candidates to catch up with the “national examination”, some local travel agencies have specially launched group-type services for hotel reservations and chartered tours. A travel agency in Dalian saw a huge business opportunity for the national civil service examination. It used a number of 10 passenger cars to carry more than 2,000 candidates to the Shenyang exam, and provided accommodation for a two-star hotel and a free breakfast. Each candidate charged 160. Yuan, if calculated according to this, the travel agency's income this time exceeds 320,000 yuan, which is called mad fishing.

Tourism website across the board, fishing gold has surgery

It’s no stranger to mention the travel website. “The mouse is easy to travel.” This kind of advertising is an image. Some comprehensive travel websites rely on their strong resource integration capabilities and rapid market response capabilities to invest in the “national examination economy” wave.

For example, Tongcheng.com (), which is the top three in the tourism comprehensive website, takes the candidates to prepare for the “National Examination”, and Tongcheng.com is also ready to go. The national examination has not been opened. The hotel reservations, transportation and catering information enquiries and car rental services provided by Tongcheng.com have already met the whole line. With its huge influence in the hotel industry, the price of Tongcheng Hotel during the National Examination is not rising, and some hotels also provide convenient services such as late check-out and free luggage storage. The online information of the same country online test is comprehensive and easy to query, and it also shows the strength of the first website of its tourism information.

According to the person in charge of the Tongcheng.com hotel project, only the hotel orders confirmed on the day of the national examination rose nearly 50% from the previous day, and orders from Shanghai, Beijing, Nanjing, Hangzhou, Guangzhou and other cities rose.

There is a technique in the Tao, there are several in the surgery, and the Tao is natural, come!


On November 27, 2009, Nielsen CR-Nielsen released the average weekly traffic ranking data of the Chinese website in October 2009. The data released this time covers 17 categories including integrated portals, video, finance, and automobiles.

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