[May Point Network] The Copenhagen Climate Conference at the end of last year was noisy, but it made a big red and purple "low carbon." As the name implies, it is to reduce carbon dioxide...


[May Point Network] The Copenhagen Climate Conference at the end of last year was noisy, but it made a big red and purple "low carbon." As the name implies, it is to reduce carbon dioxide emissions.

Take the baggage less, do not drive large-displacement cars, travel long distances, use less air conditioning during the trip, do not need disposable tableware, do not need to change the bed linen quilt every day when you live in the hotel... The reporter learned that at the beginning of the Year of the Tiger, Hangzhou has a "predecessor" The hotel has launched the “Low Carbon Points Program” to encourage residents to redeem points for room premiums. There are also travel websites that offer carbon offsets. Travelers can redeem points for saplings.

As a new way of traveling, “low-carbon travel” has been paid more and more attention by the public and has begun to practice.

Hangzhou “Da Ren” began to try “low carbon tour”

As the Spring Festival approached, Zhang Jun and her boyfriend, who had always been called "influxes" by friends, gave up the plan to go shopping in Hong Kong in the first month. Instead, they decided to find a few friends and take a train from Hangzhou to Lishui to go to the legend. The ancient road of Cang Cang.

"We plan to implement the 'Low Carbon Life' program from the first day of the Year of the Tiger, to reduce the number of flights and self-driving tours, to minimize the luxury hotels, and to make life easier every day." Zhang Jun said if It is possible that she will find a small forest with her boyfriend to find a small village, and plant a few trees every year.

"The posterior film of "The Day After Tomorrow" and "2012" has seen more, and there is a sense of crisis in the serious consequences caused by global warming." Zhang Jun said that in fact, "low carbon" can be carried out in the end. Kind of trend.

The Gu Fei couple who lived in Yuhang received two folding bicycles. "Holidays, just change the habit a little, put a folding bicycle in the trunk of the car, and change the bicycle in the suburbs, you can contribute to low carbon." Gu Fei said, in fact, for many tourists It is very easy to do.

The reporter learned from the relevant departments that Hangzhou, as a tourist city, has taken the lead in proposing a low-carbon economy, low-carbon buildings, low-carbon life, low-carbon environment, low-carbon transportation and low-carbon society. city.

The world's first low-carbon-themed science and technology pavilion will also open in Hangzhou in June this year. Visitors can calculate the carbon dioxide emissions from their lives, visit the world's most environmentally friendly zero-carbon cabins, and even have The Children's Science and Technology Park, which incorporates the concept of environmental protection, allows children to build awareness of environmental protection from an early age.

Points can be earned when the air conditioning temperature is not higher than 20 degrees Celsius

“Do not change the bedding during the renewal period (including sheets, quilt covers and pillowcases), get 50 points per day as a reward”, “Winter air conditioning set temperature is not higher than 20 degrees Celsius, 30 points per day as a reward”...

This is Mr. Zhao from Shanghai. When I was at the Elan Hotel in Hangzhou yesterday, I got a “Low Carbon Points Plan”: When these low carbon points reach 200 points, you can get a 20 yuan room rate concession. When you reach 500 points, you can get a 50 yuan room rate concession.

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