[May Point Network] Tourism is a competitive industry. Tourism investment must comply with market rules and give full play to the fundamental role of the market in resource allocation. At present, social funds enter the tourism industry...

[May Point Network] Tourism is a competitive industry. Tourism investment must comply with market rules and give full play to the fundamental role of the market in resource allocation. At present, it is difficult for social funds to enter the tourism industry. There are still many restrictions on direct investment and indirect financing. Therefore, China's tourism enterprises generally have a small scale, low degree of organization, and weak competitiveness, compared with other industries and markets. The degree of chemistry is far from enough. The structural shortage of tourism products requires a lot of money. To absorb large amounts of investment, it is necessary to establish an investment mechanism suitable for tourism development.

To improve the current situation, we must first break the policy barriers for social capital to enter the tourism industry and create a policy environment conducive to fair competition and innovation. It is necessary to use the concept of modern capital to establish a platform for tourism property rights trading so that social funds can flow freely in the tourism industry. Secondly, it will promote the innovation of tourism financing mechanism, vigorously develop tourism financial service organizations such as tourism assets assessment and tourism guarantee, and provide reliable channels for rural tourism and small and medium-sized tourism operators to build financial financing, and use market-collected funds to promote the market-oriented development of tourism. .

According to the data, China's per capita GDP has reached 3,000 US dollars, which is recognized by the world tourism industry as a stage of explosive growth in tourism. China has just achieved the goal of one per capita travel per year, while the developed countries in the world have traveled more than seven times per capita, so the growth potential of China's tourism market is huge.

Especially in recent years, the speed of infrastructure construction such as highways, high-speed railways and civil aviation in China and the continuous improvement of the social public service system will promote a new round of development in China's tourism industry and will be rapidly developing in the next 5 to 10 years. Upswing period.

At present, the development of tourism has become an inevitable choice for expanding domestic demand and adjusting the economic structure. For a long time, China's economic growth has mainly relied on investment and foreign trade. The consumption is insufficient and the proportion of service industry is too low. The tertiary industry accounts for only 48.6% of the total economic output, which is not only lower than the level of 70% in developed countries, but also lower than 64. % of the world average. Therefore, as the leader of the modern service industry, tourism will become a strategic pillar industry that will promote the rapid development of the tertiary industry.

However, it is worth noting that China's tourism industry still faces problems such as extensive development mode, lagging infrastructure construction, and low service quality. This requires strengthening overall planning, starting with reform, opening up, service, and management, and focusing on improving the quality of development.

A basic trend in the development of China's tourism industry is that tourism demand is far greater than tourism supply, showing a significant structural shortage. Mass tourism needs popular products. The current hotspots of mass consumption are changing from sightseeing to sightseeing and leisure, and the consumption patterns are flexible. However, for a long time, China's tourism products are mainly scenic spots, which can not meet the needs of public leisure. The congestion during the golden week highlights this structural shortage and needs to increase investment in product system construction.

To solve the contradiction of the structural imbalance of China's tourism product system, we must insist on the development of mass tourism products in a priority position, guided by the needs of the masses, expand the total supply, increase product categories, and enrich product levels.

Fortunately, the relevant state departments stressed that it is necessary to relax the access to the tourism market and encourage the participation of social capital and various ownership enterprises. We will promote the restructuring and restructuring of state-owned tourism enterprises, support the development of private and small and medium-sized tourism enterprises, and actively introduce foreign-funded tourism enterprises.

As one of the earliest industries open to the outside world, China's tourism development practice proves that deepening reform and opening up is the only way to optimize the tourism environment, promote the diversification of tourism products, and improve service levels.

The state proposes to cultivate tourism into a strategic pillar industry of the national economy and a modern service industry that the people are more satisfied. In order to continuously improve the national welfare in tourism and leisure, it has set a direction for the new round of soaring of China's tourism industry. Due to China's vast territory, rich tourism resources, and the growing diversified consumer demand of the people, it will certainly provide new development opportunities for tourism development. (Economic Daily)

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