The spring of children waiting for water at the entrance to the village was originally a beautiful time for the recovery of all things, but in the south of the beautiful clouds, this spring has become a dead air, the river is dry, the fields are ridiculous,...


Children waiting for water at the entrance to the village

Spring was originally a beautiful time for the recovery of all things, but in the south of the beautiful clouds, this spring has become a dead end, the river is dry, the fields are ridiculous, the weeds are dead, and the particles are not harvested. The drought that has not happened in a hundred years is like a chronic disease that afflicts every Yunnan person. The long-lost caravan also began to come back to use, but this time not to sell tea but to pull water. What is the life of the Yunnan people? Our reporter went deep into Wenshan Zhuang and Miao nationality, one of the most severe places in Yunnan's drought, and experienced the shortage of human water.

At 9 o'clock yesterday morning, the plane stopped at the Puzhehei Airport in Wenshan Zhuang and Miao nationality, the worst drought in Yunnan. The driver who picked up the plane said that “Puzhehei” is the language of the Yi people, meaning “land of fish and rice”, but it came out. Not far from the airport, the reporter saw that the former land of fish and rice has now become a "high loess". Where the car passes, it raises the dust of the sky and can't get away for half a minute. Looking up, all the gray, a road that is three kilometers long is not green.

On the way to Daishan County, the modified water tanker can be seen from time to time. The water sprinkled on the road and there was no trace in the blink of an eye. The rocks in the mountains in the distance shimmer in the sunlight. The driver said: "In the past, the mountains were green and the trees were growing new leaves, but now the trees are almost withered and the rocks are exposed."

The reporter saw in a field with half-high corn, the soil layer was very soft under the sun's roasting, and it was able to raise dust when walking. The peasant Xiao Chang of Daishan County told the reporter that this piece of land should have been planted with peas and broad beans, but it is not raining, and it will not grow long. "Look at the land in front, the pea seedlings are still alive last week, and now they are all dead."

In the afternoon, the reporter came to Wenda Village, the most seriously affected area in Daishan County. Even the Vice Premier Hui Liangyu came to the village to express his condolences. When I first arrived at the village, I saw two or three water trucks carrying the "drought relief work" just finished the water and prepared to leave the village. Two four-year-old children played and played in the water filled with water, a little girl. Washed the black face with water, and a little girl prepared to wash her hair with water. Many people have a large bowl of washed water to feed the animals at the door.

More than 700 people in Yunnan eat water by 7 water trucks

Wengda Village Party Secretary Li Shiyun took the reporter to a river 50 meters away from the village. The river has completely dried up and there is a big well at the river. "Our Weuda water is inherently lacking. More than 700 people in the village rely on it." This big well came to supply water, but it has not rained since August last year. This well was also dried up in November last year.” The reporter saw that the well was about 10 meters in diameter and about 8 meters deep. Now Because the bottom of the dry well is cracked, the crack is so thick. There is only a small puddle of 30 cm square on the side of the well, and the water is very turbid. "This small puddle takes one or two buckets of water every day. The villagers take it out with water scoops and clarify it and drink it," Li Zhishu said.

Li Zhishu said that the water supply in the whole village can only be delivered by water and water two times in the morning and evening, and it is necessary to pull water to a place about 20 kilometers away. The most important thing every day is to wait for the water tanker to pick up the water.

The villager Lin Guangde said that after the corn was harvested last fall, the three acres of land in the family were basically ridiculous. "According to previous years, we are busy planting corn and rice at this time. But now there is nothing to plant." Can the family usually eat green vegetables? "I don't eat much, I can't buy it now. I can only buy it at the bazaar once a week. But it's so expensive. It used to be two or three cents a pound. It's going to be more than one. We are here." It’s great to be able to eat green vegetables in the week. I usually eat pickles and fermented bean curd to eat rice, and I almost forget the taste of green vegetables.”

The reporter just saw an aunt in the village washing clothes, and the clothes line on the tree was covered with freshly washed clothes, and there were twenty or thirty pieces. "How do you wash so many clothes at once?" asked the reporter. "Our family hasn't washed clothes for a month. Isn't it without water? Clothes are worn out under the sun, then worn, dirty and then sun-dried. We usually wear it three times before we wash it. This is a lot of it."

Guangxi has a drought in the past 60 years, "sucking dry"

This newspaper (the newspaper specializes in Guangxi reporter Wang Fei) was once praised by the world as "mountain and water show" in Guilin. The mountains and water are closely connected and indispensable; nowadays, a 60 The drought that never happened in the past completely destroyed Guilin’s “showing water”, leaving only the lonely mountains in the distance. Yesterday, our reporter first rushed to Guilin for a field investigation. The place where I went was shocking. The beautiful scenery of Guilin in the past was destroyed by the drought.

When I came to the Lijiang River, it made people feel sad: looking at the two sides, the vast Lijiang River seems to have become a small stream. Most of the riverbeds have been exposed, attracting many children to smash the stones. Looking down, the stones at the bottom of the Lijiang River are clearly visible. The boat that shuttles back and forth turns from time to time to avoid the shoal. At the Tianhu Wharf of Minjiang River, a huge flood control guard column stands alone on the bank of the river, losing the companionship of the river, the bottom of the pillar has been exposed, and it takes tens of meters to go to the waterside along the flood control column. . “Jiangshui will go to the red police line every year,” said Guilin citizen Yang Daisheng, pointing to the flood control column and telling reporters. “Look at where the river is now? Compared with the flood period, the river is less than 90%.”

"I have been sailing in this river for 46 years. I have never seen the water so shallow." Li Huangcai, who was about 60 years old and drove at Longshipping Pier, started to complain. "At this time of the year, the tide has already started to rise," Li Huangcai said. "The water depth of the Lancang River is at least 1 meter. You can see that many river sections are only 60 cm deep. My boat is small and the water is only 40 centimeters, so I still Can open, if the water level continues to decline, it is estimated to be stranded." The reporter walked the second deck of the upstream ship, only to see the middle of the river channel has been completely exposed, because the water is too shallow, the cruise ship is like a glide on the bottom of the river. (Guangzhou Daily)

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