[Japan Point International] Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd. (Japan Airlines) since the application for bankruptcy protection until the 19th of this month has passed 3 months, restructuring...

[Japan Airlines International Co., Ltd. (Japan Airlines)] Since the application for bankruptcy protection, three months have passed since the 19th of this month, the formulation of the restructuring plan is still slow, although Japan Airlines And the company's regenerative support organization has recently summarized the new plan, and is preparing to expand the abolition route and reduce the number of employees. However, banks and other parties are worried that the business will bottom out again and require JAL to increase its abolition. With the close of the proposed deadline at the end of June, the tug-of-war between the two sides will intensify.

The main content of the new plan is: canceled 47 routes from October this year, including 31 domestic lines and 16 international lines; as of the end of 2010, one-third of the reduction was about 16,500 employees.

The original plan announced by JAL when it filed for bankruptcy protection in January was: abolished 31 routes and laid off 1,57 million in three years. However, major trading banks believe that international routes that continue to suffer serious losses should be reconsidered. Others propose to abolish other international routes and concentrate on Asian routes. If JAL is unable to launch a practicable restructuring plan including layoffs, the bank will not add a total of hundreds of billions of yen in loans.

However, the management of JAL has expressed its distress, saying that “the bank wants us to come up with a plan that can turn all routes into profit, but this will not be able to play the mission of JAL as a means of public transportation.” Insured President Inamori Kazuo also expressed his opposition: "If you withdraw from an international route, you will lose your enthusiasm for restructuring until now."

However, the former Minister of Land and Resources, Mr. Seiji, agrees with the bank’s claim that “it is necessary to consider the issues from the perspective of demand and the state of the world economy and dig deep into the solution”. No compromise has been found yet.

Employees are also worried about the prospects of JAL, and the number of early resignees who started recruiting in March has greatly exceeded the original plan. The deadline for the proposed reorganization plan has not been long, and JAL is still groping in the dark. (Japan Common Network)

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