[May Point Network] In response to the sudden death of forced tourists in mainland China, the Hong Kong Tourism Board Chairman Tian Beijun made three points on the 3rd, the Tourism Industry Council, the SAR Government's business and economic development...

[May Point Network] In response to the sudden death of forced tourists in mainland China, the Hong Kong Tourism Board Chairman Tian Beijun made a three-point proposal on the 3rd. The Travel Industry Council and the SAR Government Commerce and Economic Development Bureau also expressed their willingness to improve Hong Kong. Tourism market environment.

Tian Beijun once again expressed regret over the incident in an interview with the media and extended deep condolences to the family of the passenger.

He said that the incident affected Hong Kong's image as a tourist city. The HKTB supported the measures taken by the SAR Government and the Travel Industry Council to vigorously crack down on travel agencies to force passengers to shop. At the same time, the HKTB will closely monitor the progress of this incident.

Tian Beijun also put forward three points: First, the travel agency can't force tourists to shop; secondly, before the tour guide takes a tour, check whether the tour guide has qualifications. Third, the HKTB has already communicated with the mainland tourism authorities. Too low-cost tour groups, "I have also instructed the HKTB to strengthen the Mainland, especially in Central China, to educate Mainland consumers to avoid Hong Kong products that are significantly below the market level and encourage them to participate in the 'Integrity Tourism' tour. ."

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Chen Youming’s family came to Hong Kong to deal with the matter

On June 2, Chen Youming’s wife, daughter Chen Yi and Chen Youming’s students, more than a dozen students, came to Hong Kong from the mainland and sent Chen Youming’s body to the crematorium for cremation.

Chen Yi with tears holding his father's black and white photos of his later years, with a dignified appearance to bid farewell to his father. When Chen Youming lying in the coffin was lifted out of the hearse and ready to be sent to the cremation, Chen Yi couldn't help himself. He was so excited that he cried with his feet and shouted at the sleeping father: "We will definitely be fair to you."

Chen Yi revealed that her father had undergone heart bypass surgery in 2001. After that, he had been taking medication regularly. His body has been well maintained. "My father really said that he wanted to be healthy. He really wanted to come to Hong Kong to look at it. I hope next year. Traveling to Taiwan, then going to Europe, the first stop is Hong Kong, I did not expect to be a farewell."

Chen Yi emphasized that his father participated in the four-day tour of Hunan's overseas travel with a daily tour fee of more than 1,700 yuan, instead of participating in a tour group with zero tour fee. It is not expected that he will embark on a road of no return. Chen Youming’s wife, Chen Yi’s mother, seems quite calm. She wore a simple white shirt and a green shirt. She didn't rush to the ground. She clenched her fists all the time and quietly wept. Even though her old man was witnessing the scene witnesses on the day of the incident, when the reporter asked Chen Youming and the details of the tour guide dispute, Chen Laotai was reluctant to talk more. (Shenzhen Special Zone Daily)

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