Weibo + live broadcast, "self-media" sword refers to Air China flight delay!

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On May 29th, we were fortunate to observe on the Sina Weibo the blogger "Feixiangwang Xiangligang" from 07:19 to 06:46 the next day, using the mobile phone to send Weibo, the live broadcast of an Air China The whole process of flight delay (see Figures 1, 2, 3).

In nearly 24 hours, the blogger used his mobile phone to faithfully record the handling process of Air China's flight delays. It is rational and objective. It refers to Air China's flight delays and has no rules. It ignores the rights and interests of passengers. If there is no plan, it can be deceived and can be dealt with. Dealing with it is the root cause of conflicts. During this period, a Weibo blogger named “Air China” replied to the blogger “Feixiangwang Xiangligang”, asking passengers to understand the airline’s position and saying “I believe that our employees are 100% invested in responsibility. Solve the problem, if not, please complain to the service quality department, we must deal with it seriously.” But the explanation of “Air China” has not been recognized by “Feixiang Net Xiang Li Gang”, and the blogger subsequently issued 7 Weibo The 900-word system was used to explain his views on this delay:

"The weather, the plane is delayed, I often take the plane, I understand very well. I feel that the flight attendant is not easy, and I often advise people. But yesterday I was also very angry. I also got a detailed understanding of the work status and work situation. First of all, the previous flight was a man. No flight. For the following flights, there is no rule, no arrangement, the ticket is out of normal boarding time, everyone has 5 o'clock to go to the airport. The previous flight is not down, the latter can not board, no One leader thought that this was a matter and needed to appease the passengers. The broadcast on the airport was due to the late arrival of the aircraft and the service. It needs to be extended from 7:50 to 9:30. There are passengers coming at more than 5 o'clock. The plane has been parked there. Everyone knows that the cabin can be cleaned for half an hour. It naturally causes passengers to be angry. Finally, I know the original. For the anger of the passengers, Air China has a four-hour compensation policy. In less than 4 hours, you are not there anyway. The method also knows that passengers can't afford time, it won't be really troublesome. So it's just a deal. In fact, a leader who looks like, send some water, say something polite, everyone Not many people really want to make trouble. No, finally, the passengers started to throw things, and they sent breakfast that they didn’t eat. They fell again and sent some water. The previous passengers fought for 5 hours and lost 300 per person. Yuan, finally got off the plane. At this time, the preparation for the next flight was not done at all. The crew was gone, the plane was not cleaned, and the time was taken off for a while. There is no one who leads the way to explain. The airport found that it couldn't fly, and went to the hotel, but the passengers had to wait and wait for more than an hour to toss the flight attendant. There was no coordination at all. This damaged the passengers' rights, and the flight attendant group did not have a targeted apology. I found that the flight attendants’ broadcasts were based on a book and I wouldn’t say more. I used to ask a few words. She told me that I didn’t dare to say anything, so I was sorry, but all the planes heard the dry words. There is no sincerity: we apologize for the delay in the aircraft.

On Weibo, the person who called Air China believed that he did not represent Air China. He told everyone that the weather is no way. I believe that Air China employees are 100% hard working. You can complain. He knows that the complaint is useless, there will be no result, and the passengers will not be able to afford it. This company has such an attitude from top to bottom. The passengers are blamed for no reason. In less than 4 hours, I will not lose money. I know that passengers can't afford it. After experiencing this matter, my feeling is that there is no rule in the management of Air China. In the face of great things, Air China’s approach is to push it, to drag it, to grind it, and how to save money. The passenger's interest is no matter. The service is completely untrained, rigid and indifferent. Conceptually, passengers are considered to be unreasonable. Including on Weibo, the name is called Air China, the role is to promote Air China, and users have to complain, it is not my responsibility. ”

Figure 1: The blogger "Feixiang Net Xiang Ligang" Sina Weibo Live Air China flight delay

Figure 2: Graphical Weibo Live Air China Flight Delay

Figure 3: The response of the blogger "Air China" on Sina Weibo

The process of going through is obviously very simple. Of course, the same delay scenario is commonplace for Air China and even the civil aviation industry. However, the flight delay is not unforgettable for passengers, but it is not an opportunity to meet. A wonderful experience. We have no reason to doubt the sincerity of the two bloggers. After all, the positions are different and the views held are naturally very different. What we should pay more attention to is that this is the first time since the "media" flight delay, and in the face of the "self-media" sword sharp sharp sword, how should we respond.

First of all, we should understand what is called "self-media." In July 2003, the Media Center of the American Press Institute published the "We Media" research Report jointly proposed by Xie Boeman and Chris Willis, which contained "We Media (self media)". A definition: “We Media is a way for the general public to strengthen their digital technology and connect with the global knowledge system, and to begin to understand how the general public can provide and share their own facts and their own news.” The trend is consistent, and the network communication process is characterized by privatization, civilianization, generalization, autonomy, and instantization. It can be quickly and effectively transmitted to most unspecified individuals or specific individuals by means of modernization and electronicization. Normative and non-normative information. Obviously, new network communication tools like Weibo, QQ, BBS, and social communities are typical “self-media”.

Due to the lack of the role of “gatekeepers” in traditional media, “self-media” makes the boundaries between audiences, publishers and communicators in the process of public opinion communication more and more vague and confusing, and it is also based on the spread of public opinion on the Internet. The emergence of the "self-media" means the formation of a new multi-disciplinary field. The most important feature of a complex system is its sensitive dependence on initial conditions, the so-called "butterfly effect." The emerging public opinion field is a highly sensitive and complex system. In this system, a seemingly insignificant "microphone", a "small road message", will rapidly heat up through the fermentation and catalysis of the emerging public opinion field. That is to say, netizens have become the "new opinion class" with the power of public opinion by means of the power of "self-media", and a virtual "pressure group" with realistic influence will be formed in the foreseeable future.

This time, the "new opinion class" shines the sword, how does Air China pick up the move?

Objectively speaking, in handling flight delays, Air China and the airport have done their best. Due to the continuity, relevance and high degree of synergy of the civil aviation business, any omission of the link may have serious consequences, so we can give enough understanding of the delay encountered by Air China. Moreover, Sina Weibo, the Sina Weibo blogger who is the spokesperson for Air China, is also responding promptly to this delay in a relatively fast time and should be fully affirmed. However, why passengers have expressed strong dissatisfaction with Air China’s delay on the premise that flight delays have been fully understood, which in turn affects Air China’s reputation and allows all Air China’s efforts to cope with the flight delay to be paid. What about the east? This is a problem we have to think about.

Thinking 1: Does the flight delay disposal plan work? From the live content of Weibo, we can't get a definite answer. The Civil Aviation Administration severely rectified flight delays in the past time. On the one hand, it required airlines to start from their own, strengthen management, reduce human factors in flight delays, and encourage airlines to formulate measures; on the other hand, they should pay attention to the development of the domestic aviation industry. Establish an image, build confidence, and jointly promote the development of the domestic civil aviation industry. Air China was passive in this delay, and did not reflect the style of state-level public air transport enterprises. So even the non-industry identity of "Feixiang Net Xiang Ligang" did not shake his head, repeatedly in Weibo. It is questioned whether Air China has a flight delay disposal plan and is confused about the non-professional disposal behavior of Air China staff. Obviously, Air China staff attempted to block passengers on the grounds of "the plane did not arrive", which is not the content of Air China's delay in handling the plan. In the face of the normal appeal of the delayed passengers, only the "four-hour compensation" and other lack of humanity. The care notification service statement of care is not allowed by the disposal plan. It can be seen that Air China’s internal human factors in this delay have affected the proper handling of delays.

Thinking 2: Why did Air China fail to cope with the delay in public relations? Due to the delay in the on-site Air China staff being overwhelmed by passengers, the representative of the carrier who can represent Air China has not appeared in the delay, nor has the official authority voice of Air China been conveyed among the delayed passengers. It is thus possible to draw such a conclusion: There is no effective crisis public relations behavior on the delay, and Air China's only spontaneous crisis public relations behavior occurs online. Here, I have to mention the non-professional nature of the crisis public relations behavior of Sina Weibo, the Sina Weibo blogger represented by Air China. Although he did the right thing at the right time, it is far more important to do things correctly than to do the right thing. His failure lies in: First, his crisis public relations behavior has not been explicitly authorized or entrusted by Air China, so there is no authority; second, his crisis public relations behavior is limited to one-way publicity, so it lacks interactivity; the third is his The crisis public relations behavior obviously has a bias of interest and is not trusted by passengers, so it lacks impartiality. Fourth, his crisis public relations behavior has not been delayed by the substantive content required by passengers, so it lacks pertinence. Therefore, because it is not professional, it is not successful. As for the unsuccessful crisis public relations or simply the lack of crisis public relations will have an impact on Air China, it is self-evident, at least the goodwill as an intangible asset must be lost. If Air China can fully understand that this loss of goodwill has grown geometrically due to the microblogging user's mesh social model, I wonder if it can still be indifferent?

Thinking 3: Has Air China correctly fulfilled the air transport contract in the delay? The answer may still be regrettable. The essence of flight delays is the delayed performance and cancellation of air transport contracts, that is, contract breaches. When dealing with flight delays, it is important to clarify the carrier’s obligations and the rights of the passengers. After the delay, the obligations of the airline mainly have the following three aspects: First, the obligation to inform, promptly and timely inform the passengers of the information, and explain the work; second, the obligation to remedy, arrange for passengers to change to other shifts or refunds; third, damage Compensation obligation. Passengers with corresponding flight delays should have three rights: the right to know, that is, the passenger has the right to obtain the most detailed information in the first time; the option means that the passenger can choose to transfer to another flight or refund; the claim right means Passengers can ask the airline's controllability delay to compensate for the damage they have caused. From the Weibo record of Air China's disposal behavior, we have not seen Air China's performance of fulfilling its obligations, or that Air China's performance of its contractual obligations has not been effectively recognized by passengers, and even artificially created a confrontation with passengers. This kind of opposition is obviously not helpful for the delay of disposal, so the effectiveness of its disposal delay is greatly reduced.

Thinking 4: Is the civil aviation ready in the face of “self-media”? American scholar Clay Sheki has mentioned similar examples of this Air China delay in his book "The Future Is Wet". On December 29, 2006, some flights were diverted to Austin due to the snowfall in Dallas, due to coordination. The reason is that some passengers even stayed on the plane for 8 hours to get off the plane. Delayed passengers organized a team to represent passengers through the network, and finally lobbied the House and Senate to pass the Air Passenger Rights Act; 2007 Valentine's Day JetBlue's ultra-long apron detention event due to the network The rapid spread and strong follow-up of traditional media led to the departure of its CEO. These examples are only the case when the Internet is not fully developed and developed. Now, after entering the web2.0 era, the speed and influence of network communication is beyond anyone's imagination. At the same time, considering the characteristics of the "self-media" communication, we really can't take it lightly. As a department providing public air transport services, all civil aviation service activities are fully recorded, evaluated, and supervised, and are maximized transparent. Obviously, the Internet has become a catalyst and multiplier for social contradictions. If the guidance is weak or inappropriate, it is easy to expand the local problem into a global problem, turn the general problem into a major problem, and spread the individual's partial speech into an irrational social sentiment. It directly affects the overall situation of social stability and civil aviation development. Under such circumstances, neglecting or passively responding to the multi-disciplinary field based on "self-media" and neglecting the pressure of "new opinion class" is tantamount to self-defeating.

For the first time, "Self-media" has been on the flight of Air China, and Air China is still silent. I don't know if it is a disdain for the "self-media". Everything is pre-emptive, even though we realize that "the wind starts at the end of Qingping" earlier than the "butterfly effect", we often only think of "reinforcement" after suffering major losses. Therefore, the entire industry of civil aviation should pay sufficient attention to this. But no matter what, we still have to say a good word about the "self-media" sword, perhaps with the pressure of "new opinion class", the special action of civil aviation rectification flight delay will have more results, flight delay Disposal will be more human and rational, or even further, on the road of "harmonious civil aviation" and "a civil aviation power", our footsteps will be more stable.


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