Promote the image of China's service display portal to boost regional development

——Guizhou Airport Group's understanding and thinking on advocating China's service

In June 2009, the group company took the lead in calling “China Service”. At the beginning of the year, General Manager Dong Zhiyi made an important speech entitled "Advocating China's Service and Building an International Hub", profoundly explaining the strategic significance, spiritual essence and path arrangement of advocating China's service, and calling on member companies to strive for "China's service". Advocate and practitioner. Under the same country, the same family, Guizhou Airport Group responded positively, and "advocate China's service, display the image of the portal, and promote regional development" as the company's mission. Let's talk about the initial understanding and thinking about promoting Chinese services.

I. Understanding the practical significance of "advocating China's service"

With the division of labor and integration of the world economy, the development of the service economy has become a strategic measure for a country and region to seize the high ground of competition and promote the modernization process. The concept of "China Service" is in line with the development trend and meets the requirements of the times, which has great practical significance.

-- Advocating Chinese services to boost China's economic transformation. By understanding and grasping the inherent laws of service economic development, China's service has become a powerful driving force for China to adjust its economic structure and transform its development mode, and enhance the international influence of Chinese service brands.

-- Advocating Chinese services to promote the social and economic development of Guizhou. “Undeveloped and underdeveloped” is the basic province of Guizhou, but the unique eco-tourism resources are the natural endowments and late-developing advantages of Guizhou. Vigorously developing the service economy has become the only way to achieve a new leap in Guizhou's development history. Promoting China's services, in line with the “Tourism Province” of Guizhou Province and the development strategy of “Ecological Civilization City” in Guiyang, is not only the call of the times, but also the need of scientific development.

——Advocating Chinese services to lead the development of Guizhou Airport. The development prospects of Guizhou Airport are broad and the current difficulties are many. Advocating Chinese services is of great significance for guiding Guizhou Airport to emancipate the mind, change concepts, meet challenges, and realize "four enhancements": that is, "from relatively closed to open integration; from the growth of attention to the pursuit of quality and quantity The improvement of development; from paying attention to the economic value of the enterprise to focusing on the improvement of the social value of the enterprise and the realization of the value of the employees; from the development of the enterprise itself to the improvement of the regional progress and the realization of a harmonious and win-win situation." Advocating China's services requires us to improve the quality of public infrastructure services, promote the construction of an integrated transportation system in Guizhou Province, display the image of the portal, and shoulder the social responsibility; to clarify the corporate vision, mission and strategic objectives, and to make institutional connections and Optimize resource allocation, actively promote strategic transformation and cultural shaping, and establish a Chinese service brand at Guizhou Airport.

Second, the understanding of the spirit of "advocating China's service"

In connection with the actual situation of Guizhou Airport, we believe that we can understand and grasp the spirit of advocating Chinese service from the "four processes."

(1) Advocating Chinese services is the process of positioning the public infrastructure of the airport

The Airport Management Regulations clarify the positioning of the airport's public infrastructure, promote China's services, and require the airport to upgrade and leap from “guarantee to management to service”, and this process is also the airport's public infrastructure. The positioning, the development requirements, and the process of realizing its own value. Guizhou Airport Group should take this as the most basic starting point, put itself in the context of regional social and economic construction and development, take the "China Service" concept as the guide, focus on corporate social responsibility, enhance the ability to serve the localities, and promote the airport. From business to management to management services continue to deepen.

(2) Promoting Chinese services is the process of achieving strategic goals

Advocating China's services, leading us to “emphasize the main business, the auxiliary business, and enhance the non-aviation”, and build Guizhou Airport into a well-known and leading airport management company at the same level; lead us to the airport “9” in the strategy of civil aviation power. Strong "standard", committed to the improvement of airport security service capabilities, in accordance with the overall deployment of "three adjustments, re-creation, optimization", the Guiyang Longdongbao International Airport will be built into a leading-level tourism hub airport, and its affiliated airport will be built. Boutique tourist regional airport.

(3) Advocating Chinese service is the process of shaping and spreading excellent culture

Culture is the soul of the enterprise, and excellent culture has a lasting driving force for the development of the enterprise. The current exploration and practice of the Group's services in China is precisely the process of shaping and disseminating the new group culture. Advocating China's service requires us to actively do a good job in corporate culture, give play to the guiding and driving force of culture, and lead the scientific development of Guizhou Airport.

(4) Promoting Chinese services is the process of continuous innovation of services

Innovation is the driving force behind enterprise development, and service innovation is also the only way to meet customer needs. Advocating China's services requires us to take "two changes" as the guide, innovate in service brands, innovate in the service system, innovate in service culture, and provide "China service" with continuous innovation. Strong support.

Third, Guizhou Airport's path to practice Chinese services

Through the analysis of the internal and external environment, we believe that Guizhou Airport is entering the period of development, the critical period of change and the period of contradictions. In the next three years, Guizhou Airport faces three major tasks of “big development, big construction and great improvement”. The great development is to realize the leap from Guiyang Airport from 5 million to 10 million in 3 years; the big construction is to complete the second phase of the expansion of Guiyang Airport in 3 years, and simultaneously tap the existing resources to tap the potential and supplement; The big improvement is to realize the comprehensive improvement of Guizhou Airport Group in strategy, culture, management and team in three years, to meet the needs of large-scale airport operations, and to build a well-known airport management company with leading level in the same level.

To this end, the overall idea of ​​Guizhou Airport's practice of China's service is to highlight a main line, take the "two transformations" as the guide, promote the construction of the three modernizations, and closely follow the four quantitative indicators.

(1) Highlighting the main line of brand building and landing Chinese services

Innovating personalized and distinctive services and cultivating rich service brands are the key to landing Chinese services and building core competitiveness of enterprises. Require Guizhou Airport to improve the safety, efficiency, quality assurance capabilities, create a simple, smooth and convenient service process, while focusing on the customer's entire process experience, further segment customer needs, improve service standards, and focus on differentiated services, Cultivate a number of service brands that are well-known and reliable, and strive to be the vanguard of the Guizhou service industry, and establish and display the portal image of Guizhou Airport. Landing China services requires us to further expand our route network, strive to improve the status and role of the airport in Guizhou's comprehensive transportation system, and improve the airport's ability to serve local economic and social development.

(2) Taking the "two transitions" as the guide and changing the mental model

Two shifts, from “self-righteousness” to “customer-oriented”, from “management is top” to “service first”. As a public infrastructure, the airport is a public transportation service. "Customer is the right" is to further establish the "all customer-centric" service concept, and is committed to creating a pleasant and memorable experience for customers; the value of management will ultimately Through customer reflection, “service first” requires us to re-examine and re-engineer our management concepts and business processes from the perspective of our customers, and redefine management with the concept of service.

(3) Promoting the construction of the three modernizations and actively cultivating service capabilities

First, the construction of three centers to achieve the "China Service" carrier. The three centers are the Operation Control Center, the Passenger Service Center and the Staff Service Center. To build a operational control center, it is necessary to integrate command resources, improve the four major guarantee processes for aircraft, passengers, cargo owners and luggage, and improve operational efficiency. To build a customer service center, it is necessary to provide one-stop service to the needs of passengers and resident units, and strengthen the airport. Service function; build employee service center, pay attention to internal customers, vigorously implement employee care project, and care about employee career development and personal growth.

The second is to improve the three systems and achieve the systemization of “China Service”. The three systems are the safety management system, the service management system and the human resources support system. To improve the safety management system, we must focus on prevention management and risk management, improve benchmarking, strengthen safety responsibility, target management, safety supervision and hidden danger rectification work; improve service management system, and innovate service concepts, from organization, system, standards, In terms of training and self-improvement, we must do a good job in system construction; improve the human resources support system, and establish and improve the talent reserve and training mechanism to build three excellent teams with the principle of “adapting to strategic adjustment, highlighting service orientation, and operating towards new terminal buildings”. .

The third is to build three platforms to achieve the platform of “China Service”. The three platforms are resource platform, collaboration platform and rule platform. Build a resource platform, speed up the pace of airport expansion, provide excellent operational resources for the airport and various resident units; build a collaborative platform, practice a service culture that goes beyond organizational border management, and play a role in the safety management committee, the service promotion committee and the apron The role of the management committee is to jointly promote the improvement of security assurance capabilities and service operation quality; build a rules platform to promote the transformation of the airport from management to service, and continuously refine and improve security, service and operation standards and rules, and The operating entity forms a stable contractual relationship.

(4) Focus on four quantitative indicators to promote continuous improvement of services

Practice Chinese services and test by indicators. Guizhou Airport will advocate the values ​​of “customer first, employee first, and national pride”, and peg a set of quantitative indicators to constantly check, examine and improve the service level of the airport.

The first is to improve customer satisfaction, including airline satisfaction, passenger satisfaction and shipper satisfaction. It is necessary to continuously improve the short-term service, continue to tap the potential under the conditions of tight operational resources, strive to create a good service environment for customers and provide satisfactory service procedures, and gradually turn customer service into loyal customers, and strive to make customers happy. Transformed into the promotion of China service brand in Guizhou Airport.

The second is to improve employee satisfaction. Employees are the promoters of the "China Service" and the creators of our business. Whether we achieve scientific development, one of the important measures is the level of employee satisfaction. To promote Chinese service, we must unify the vision of enterprise development and the demands of employee development, unify the value of the enterprise and the value of employees, and realize the “professional development, happy work, and quality of life”.

The third is to improve the normal rate of flights. Practicing China's services requires us to seize the normal nose of the flight, minimize flight delays caused by the airport, improve overall operational efficiency, and provide safe, efficient, comfortable and convenient airport services for airlines and passengers.

The fourth is to reduce the effective complaint rate. Pay attention to customer complaints and complaints. Every complaint is an opportunity for us to improve and improve. Through effective complaint management and continuous improvement, we will continue to exceed service quality.

A journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step, and "China's service" has a long way to go. Promoting China's service is a systematic project. It is a gradual process from concept improvement to system construction to comparison of standards, to first-class and first-class features. It is also a kind of commitment, an attitude, and a belief. Although there are still many shortcomings in our understanding and understanding of "China's services", there is still a big gap between the standards of "China's services", but we firmly believe that as long as we persist and forge ahead, we will be able to achieve first-class benchmarking. Super-class and then innovative and first-class management and new upgrades; as long as the difficulties are overcome and never shrink, it will surely realize the new leap from the establishment of Guizhou Airport from service establishment to service development to service development.

(The author is the general manager of Guizhou Provincial Airport Group Co., Ltd.)

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