[May Point Network] Some time ago, the "high price bench" incident occurred in the Jinsha Beach Waterfront Park in the development zone, and it was a long time. When the incident gradually subsides and fades out of people's horizons, another problem...

[May Point Network] Some time ago, the "high price bench" incident occurred in the Jinsha Beach Waterfront Park in the development zone, and it was a long time.

When the incident gradually subsided and faded out of people's horizons, another problem surfaced again, namely, how to develop and utilize beach resources, so that beautiful scenery can create the economic benefits it deserves?

Yesterday morning, the reporter interviewed the operation status of Jinsha Beach in the development zone.

Single amusement service project

Guests can only see the sea view and can’t afford to pay

The Jinsha Beach in the development zone has a smooth wave and a clean sea. The beach is more than 100 meters wide at the widest point and tens of meters in the narrow area. It is known as the “first beach in northern China”.

On the 20-kilometer beach, there are 40 beach rental operators, most of whom only offer umbrellas, swim rings and beverages, and only two operate motorboats and yachts. There is a children's paradise in the middle of the beach, with rides, small trains, trampolines, small planes and other rides. Because it was in the morning, I couldn’t see a few tourists on the big beach, it was quite empty.

"Speaking of you may not believe, the money for running a beach project is not good. Yesterday, we came to 23 tourist buses, down more than 1,000 people, but I only earned 400 yuan!" Zhou Jun told the reporter When renting a 700-meter beach, he will have to pay a rent of 160,000 yuan. The operation time is from May 1 to October 1, but in fact, it is only the best for the 40 days from the entrance to the exit. Various taxes of 40,000 yuan.

"A large number of foreign tourists get off the bus, stand on the beach and watch the seascape for dozens of minutes, then pat the butt and leave." Zhou Jun said that only some local enterprises organize employees to go to the beach to engage in various activities. Their days can be better. Another business owner also said that because the beach entertainment project has a small number of designs and has been a face for many years, tourists have chosen a narrow choice, and revenue generation is indeed not optimistic.

Beautiful seaside staying guests

May wish more "business sense"

The Golden Beach in the development zone is an excellent tourist resource. So how do you make good use of this resource and let the tourists who come here come to the table?

Ms. Liu said that the Jinsha Beach Waterfront Park in the development zone is relatively open. When the citizens come to play, sometimes they can't find a sunshade for a long time. The most important thing is that you can't buy good food nearby. Many people go to the beach to see the sea and the sea breeze, but also want to eat fresh and delicious seafood. But now, although there are many high-end hotels on the beach, but the economical big stalls that are suitable for ordinary people's consumption can't be found.

Ms. Wang, who lives in the development zone, proposed that there are too few public facilities on the beach. The relevant departments should at least set up some public leisure stone benches at the seaside for tourists to rest for free. Zhou Jun told reporters that there are many restaurants on the beach in the development zone, but none of them have rooms. Some foreign guests who want to stay at the beach for a few days have gone away after hearing that there are no rooms.

Ren Jiandong, deputy director of the Tourism Service Department of the Development Zone, said frankly that many foreign beach parks have no roads on the beach. Vehicles have to be parked some distance away, and visitors need to walk to enter the waterfront park. In that case, the beach in the park can be used to operate. In Yantai, the coastal road is built on the seashore, and there are sidewalks on the road. There are almost no places on the beach to manage various cold drinks and food stalls.

It seems that our thinking should be adjusted: we should not pay attention to construction, we should also have more "business sense", so that the beautiful coastal beauty and beach resources not only "eye-catching" but also hatching "golden eggs".

Planning to start eight major tourism projects

Create a seaside leisure camp

According to Ding Yupeng, deputy director of the Development Zone Tourism Bureau, eight major projects with a total investment scale of nearly 10 billion yuan have been planned on the waterfront.

The eight major projects planned include: Binhai Lijing Garden Hotel, which invests 300 million yuan. It is jointly invested by Yantai Chuanbian Arts & Crafts Co., Ltd. and Japan Dahe Co., Ltd., and is a four-star high-end service project integrating business, tourism and vacation. It officially started construction in July this year; Sino-US joint venture, investment of 2.8 billion yuan in the Eastern Hawaii water entertainment project, there are water parks, resort hotels, commercial areas, hotel apartments and so on. The water park is a Hawaii-themed all-weather comprehensive indoor and outdoor high-end water recreation project. It will be officially started construction in November this year and completed in November 2013. The Wanguo Wharf project with an investment of 1.3 billion yuan consists of three parts: Tianma Zhanqiao, Tianma Commercial District and Star Hotel. After completion, it will be built into a high-end service area integrating super five-star hotels, large supermarkets, customs towns, entertainment and fitness. The bridge construction project can be completed in July this year. The Carnival project with a total investment of 4 billion yuan is the largest and most comprehensive indoor and outdoor entertainment project in the city. There is also a Sheraton Hotel with an investment of 600 million yuan, a commercial hotel with a sea investment of 200 million yuan, a Guanyin Pavilion project with an investment of 315 million yuan, and a Sino-Japanese Friendship Cultural Exchange Center project with an investment of 150 million yuan. With the settlement of the eight major projects, the development zone will be transformed into a national first-class tourist and leisure resort. (Jellyfish net)

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