With the arrival of the Christmas season, resort hotels in the Maldives, Bali, Phuket and other islands have the requirement to live together. These factors have led to tight hotel reservations in the Maldives, and there will be a large increase in house prices.

As Christmas approaches, many citizens have begun to inquire about the price of Christmas outings. Although many tourist attractions have entered the off-season, the reporter learned from the Chongqing travel agency yesterday that the travel agency has received a price increase notice from the local travel agency of the tourist attraction. The route during the Christmas period is at least 20% higher than the current price, and there are travel agencies. The hotel in Maldives is very popular and it is no longer available.

“The travel agency informed us that the travel to Phuket on December 24 will increase by a few hundred yuan.” Xiao Zhang, a departure agent from a travel agency in Chongqing, said that at present, the price of Chongqing citizens traveling to Phuket is 4,280 yuan. She also said that at present, the travel agency organizes citizens to go to Hong Kong for shopping and tourism at a price of more than 1,600 yuan, and will also raise several hundred yuan during the Christmas period.

The reporter learned that the price of Maldives, a popular island in Southeast Asia, has risen even more. When the couple was in the off-season in September, they went to the Maldives for 5 days, and the airfare and five-star hotels cost about 29,000 yuan. Travel agents said that if they go around Christmas, the two will spend more than 40,000 yuan.

The reporter learned from Ctrip.com that the price of group tour and free travel of the popular Christmas line is about 20% higher than the current price. It is now entering the peak of booking, and the number of people expected to travel will be significantly higher than last year. Among them, the most popular Christmas destinations are Hong Kong, China, Singapore, Maldives and Hokkaido. Chen Mei, a person in charge of the Southeast Asian route in the outbound department of a travel agency in Chongqing, told reporters that they had recently booked a room at a hotel in the Maldives and were told that 70% to 80% of the rooms had been booked during the Christmas season.

According to Ctrip.com, with the arrival of the Christmas season, resorts in the Maldives, Bali, Phuket and other islands have requirements for living. For example, Christmas is the tourist season in the Maldives. European and American guests usually book in advance at hotels in Maldives. Ten days, even half a month, these factors lead to tight hotel reservations in the Maldives, and there will be a big increase in house prices.

The reporter also learned from the travel agency in Chongqing that in addition to the popular routes, during the Christmas period, the travel agency will also push the emerging lines of Israel, Jordan and Syria for the city's democracy. However, the price is not cheap. According to reports, in December, I went to Israel for about 10 days, and the price was 16,000 to 17,000 yuan. (Chongqing Business Daily)

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