"The State Council's Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Tourism" pointed out: "Tourism is a strategic industry." It is necessary to "develop the tourism industry into a strategic pillar industry of the national economy and the people are more satisfied...

"The State Council's Opinions on Accelerating the Development of Tourism" pointed out: "Tourism is a strategic industry." It is necessary to "develop the tourism industry into a strategic pillar industry of the national economy and a modern service industry that the people are more satisfied with." Its strategic significance lies in its sustained and positive promotion of the country's economic and social development. Its pillars are designed to drive and promote the development of related industries. The key to realizing this strategic goal is to "enhance the cultural connotation through the whole process of eating and selling, tourism and entertainment, and tourism development."

The core of enhancing cultural connotation lies in fully developing the educational function and innovative function of tourism - teaching, teaching and learning, and inspiring innovation by tourism. This is to reflect "people-oriented", achieve "sustainable development" and implement scientific development. The essential requirements of the view. On the basis of enhancing the humanities and natural knowledge, scientific knowledge, cultural creativity, and civilized service of tourist attractions, scenic spots, scenic spots, routes, and environment, we should further develop the functions of environmental education, activity education, and service education to make tourism The purpose of "tourism, leisure, vacation, fitness, health", "growth of knowledge, broaden horizons, and cultivate sentiment" has risen to the height of people's quality, life value and spiritual realm.

The development and practice of tourism education and innovation functions must go through the whole process of eating, living, traveling, traveling, purchasing and entertainment, as well as management, management, service and research. The key is the quality of tourism practitioners, especially It is the quality of the tour guide. The guide of the tour guide must have the function of finishing the finishing touch and refreshing the soul. It will add a finishing touch to the dragon and create a soul for the tourists. Guide guides should upgrade their responsibilities from guides to mentors, and combine the specific practical content of the travel process to provide guidance, guidance, and guidance services for the development of tourists. Guides should actively guide, guide and help tourists with their own ideas and business level: to improve the value of life and spiritual realm as the development direction of life; to create a harmonious relationship and optimize their own quality structure as the development path of life, Master the basic methods of fitness, self-cultivation, learning, thinking, and innovation, learn to learn skills, develop skills, develop intelligence, innovate knowledge, develop spiritual realms, create life values, adjust and optimize your own quality structure, and develop knowledge in any way. The scientific content and humanistic philosophy in China improve the quality, efficiency, efficiency, profitability and decision-making level of learning, practice and innovation. As a concrete method to realize life development, we strive to make tourists have the greatest gain in tourism. With the help of the guides, visitors will get more energy, use the limited time fully and effectively, use all the sensory functions to maximize the acquisition of new knowledge, and make the understanding and understanding closer to the objective reality by the richness of perceptual knowledge; Scientific thinking methods process information, discover, invent, and create; use Osborne's brainstorming method to stimulate inspiration and innovative knowledge through language, words, objects, practices, and imaginative information. In the special theme tourism activities, due to the concentration of knowledge and talents, combined with the actual degree, we strive for more innovations.

The most effective measures to improve the quality of tour guides and tourism practitioners are to strengthen training, constantly summarize and exchange work experience, and set up a course to optimize the quality structure of people.

The educational function and innovative function of tourism will make tourism like food and drink provide the necessary nutrition and energy for human survival and development and become the necessity of life. Tourism will become a must for life because it can provide rich spiritual food for human survival and development. Because of its innovative functions, it promotes the development of all walks of life. Because of its function of educating people, it promotes the harmonious and stable development of society. Because of its function of educating people and innovating, it has a strong vitality and is prosperous. High-quality, high-function, high-value, high-level tourism will surely promote and promote education reform.

There is no end to the deepening, improvement and expansion of understanding. Negative opinions will promote the deepening, improvement and improvement of affirmative opinions. Questioning and criticism will promote ideological progress and develop truth. You are welcome to question and criticize this article.

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