Soaring under a friendly sky - do you remember that this expression was not ironic before? In recent years, air travel seems to have become synonymous with danger: air traffic controllers are sinking...

Soaring under a friendly sky - do you remember that this expression was not ironic before? In recent years, air travel seems to have become synonymous with danger: air traffic controllers are sleeping, hundreds of forward aircraft Side by side waiting to repair mechanical failures, and even the world's safest aircraft - the aircraft used for Michelle Obama and Jill Biden on Tuesday - also encountered strange safety problems. So, how do you deal with these headaches and unavoidable flight delays and cancellations?

This article will provide you with 10 tips to help you get through all sorts of situations.

1. Remember to carry a backpack and a spacious carry-on bag for changing clothes. If you are convenient, you should bring toilet paper. Sometimes you will experience a lost baggage, sometimes it takes a week to get back. Although this situation does not happen often, it is prepared.

2, carry things that will keep you happy for a long time - beautiful song music, food that can fill your stomach, magazines of interest. In the boring time, you will find how cute these things are.

3, try to be lightly loaded. If a trip takes more than one place, remember to keep everything simple when you pack your luggage. When you are overwhelmed by the journey and can't enjoy the journey, you will know how wise this advice is.

4, do not worry because there is no small price such as shampoo, regulator, toothpaste or need to bargain for the transparent plastic bags at the security checkpoint. These things can be borrowed when you stay at a hotel or a friend's house.

5. If you are unfortunate enough to encounter a long time delay, you should consult the reception desk in time to see if you have the opportunity to take the earlier flight. Be confident, calm down, and insist that you have to get back home. At the same time, watch the flight attendants who are talking to you. Some people are more enthusiastic than others - if the flight attendants you encounter don't look so sensible, look at the customer service desk at the terminal.

6. If your flight encounters a mechanical failure, the fault will generally not be resolved during your waiting period, and in most cases, the flight will be cancelled. After the flight is cancelled, the passengers will fall into a panic, when a large number of passengers will flock to another flight. If you are allowed to leave the aircraft during the troubleshooting period, remember to take the bag with you. Otherwise, you may encounter a situation where you can board another flight but cannot take your belongings away from the original flight.

7. The earlier the scheduled flight departure time, the better. Usually the weather changes in the afternoon or evening, it is easy to cancel the flight.

8. If you have a partner to travel with, but you don't want to be with him, check in as early as possible – usually 24 hours before departure. For example, JetBlue, after you check in online, the previously scheduled action will not be cancelled, but you have the opportunity to get the last available seat, usually the seat you booked in advance is different.

9. The airline advises passengers to arrive at the airport in advance, sometimes even a few hours before the flight takes off. Passengers generally arrive earlier than the recommended time. Be sure to think twice about this. Today, most tickets are sold electronically, and you can get your boarding pass without even having a printer. Therefore, you have enough time to go to the automatic ticket booth, enter the confirmation code, and do not even have eye contact with the flight attendant. Although the security team is sometimes long, it generally moves much faster than you think. Therefore, it is not necessary to rush to the airport for a long time in advance.

10. Try to choose direct flights. If you need to transfer in the middle, you must have a general understanding of the transit area. If you encounter a flight cancellation, you need to prepare for the overnight transfer.


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