The scenery of western Sichuan after the disaster was more beautiful than before the earthquake. Located in the northwest of Sichuan Province, Songpan, Heishui and Maoxian, the Diexi-Songpinggou tourist area has been a transportation hub since ancient times. The ancient tea-horse road was once...

The scenery of western Sichuan after the disaster was more beautiful than before the earthquake. The Diexi-Songpinggou tourist area, located in the Songpan, Heishui and Maoxian districts in northwestern Sichuan, has been a transportation hub since ancient times. The ancient tea-horse road was once an important passage. The lakes and mountains of the Diesong Scenic Area, which was redeveloped and built, are comparable to Jiuzhai. People in it seem to be in the world of fairy tales, so they have the reputation of “Little Jiuzhai”.


"Xiauzhai Village" in western Sichuan - Diesong Scenic Area

Sangou Jiuhai Fourteen Scenery Plants and Holy Land Paradise

Pinsong can enjoy the panoramic view of the mountains and enjoy the profoundness of the sea. The natural scenery in the area is pleasant and rich in resources. There are four scenic spots in Sangou and Jiuhai: Songpinggou, Shuimogou, Yuerzhaigou, Diexi Shanghaizi, Diexi Xiahaizi, Shangbailahai and Xibaihai , Baishihai, Changhai/Mohai, Yuerzhaihai, Fangcaohai, turtle tortoise, silkworm town, jungle snow, colorful water, rich blessing, chaotic stone stack, shepherd horse, white stone, and alpine meadow Linhai Pinnacle, morning foggy days, ink and smoke clouds, the field will be, the white wax waterfall.

Haizi's water is green, quiet and beautiful, and the green hills reflect it, giving people the feeling of "the sky and the clouds and shadows." Plants such as moss and water plants in the shallow water vary with the waves. Sometimes wild ducks are in groups, playful, and pass a quiet, serene and pure heart into their hearts.


The scenic spot of the same name in Jisong Scenic Area and Jiuzhai - Pearl Waterfall

Six major tourism sectors, small Jiuzhai, beautiful

Diesong "Xiao Jiuzhai" is famous for Xiongshan, Yishui, Xiulin and Gully.

The stacked pines are divided into six sections: the comparative field recreation area, the Diexi earthquake site experience area, the Yuerzhai fashion development area, the Diesong leisure resort area, the Shuimo forest tour area, and the Songping original ecological experience area. Fugui Mountain, the "Xiong" of Lion Rock, the "Xiu" of the Laixi River, the "show" of the colorful pool, the "extra" of the beautiful landscape of the earthquake, the exotic flowers of the alpine meadow, the "odd" of the original forest and the strange scenery of the trees The "secret" of Yuerzhai and Changhai virgin forest...


4A-level scenic spot

Yi folk culture is original and exotic.

The Diexi-Songpinggou area is located in Maoxian, the central area of ​​the Yi culture, to create the “Yudu” (the cultural center city) as an important goal of urban construction. The local dwellings are dominated by the “Yangjiaolou” and the hustle and bustle of the Yi culture. Every household in the household worships Baishi and has a fire pit, which reflects the original Yi culture. Due to the long-term exchanges and mutual integration among different ethnic groups, the folk culture of the region presents rich and colorful characteristics. The styles of Yi, Tibetan, Han and Hui are crossed, and the rich ethnic style attracts countless domestic and foreign tourists.

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