Li Peiying, the former chairman of the Capital Airport, was sentenced to death in the final trial and was only subject to the death penalty review of the Supreme People's Court. In addition to the case of Li Peiying, a civil dispute lawsuit brought Li Peiying's last stroke before the "double rule": the life-saving straw of hundreds of millions of yuan went to Li, but he still did not escape the legal sanctions.

On the morning of July 6, the Shandong Higher People's Court made a second-instance ruling on Li Peiying, the former general manager and chairman of the Capital Airport Group Corporation, rejecting the appeal and maintaining the first-instance judgment. On February 10, the Jinan Intermediate People's Court sentenced Li Peiying to death for accepting bribes and corruption, including bribes of 26.61 million yuan and corruption of 82.5 million yuan.

The next day, Liu Qingshan saw this news online. "The mood is very complicated," he paused for a moment and said that this time is not as exciting as seeing the first-instance judgment. Liu Qingshan once wanted to negotiate with Li Peiying and want to return his assets. "I haven't waited for us to settle accounts, he went in." Liu told the "Democracy and Legal Times" reporter that in this case, he used the law to protect his rights.

Li Peiying is not the first executive in the Capital Airport who was sentenced for economic problems. Prior to him, in 2006, Capital Airport Construction Investment Co., Ltd. and former general manager of Jinfei Civil Aviation Economic Development Center, Cui Minquan, was sentenced to three years in prison for alleged misappropriation of 10 million public funds. Both of them and Liu Qingshan are inextricably linked.

Just a few days before the second trial of Li Peiying's case, on July 2, the Sichuan Higher People's Court conducted a second trial of Liu Qingshan's company v. Capital Airport. The court stated that the court had tried for one day because it involved state secrets and did not pronounce it in court.

Previously, the Mianyang Intermediate People's Court of the First-instance Court ruled that the Jinfei Civil Aviation Economic Development Center (hereinafter referred to as Jinfei Center), a subsidiary of Capital Airport, compensated Liu Qingshan's three companies for more than 100 million yuan. The Capital Airport and its affiliates jointly assumed responsibility.

20 million for hundreds of millions of assets

From June to July 2003, Liu Qingshan’s China Horizontal Economic Joint Development Corporation (hereinafter referred to as “Zhonghenglian”) and Jinfei Center successively signed the “CBD Senior Apartment “Shuangjian Garden” Cooperation Agreement” and “About "Lanzhou Nanshan Ring Road Transit Highway" Cooperation Agreement and "Beijing International Optical City Phase II Project" Cooperation Agreement. According to the agreement, Jinfei Center provided 520 million loans to China Henglian and charged a fixed return of 12%.

However, in 2003, “SARS” was popular, and the “Double Garden” project in Beijing was not progressing smoothly. "Under the influence of SARS, it has not been demolished." Liu Qingshan recalled that the 520 million loans were all used for the initial investment of the "Double Garden" project. When Cui Minquan, the general manager of the original Jinfei Center, urged Liu Qingshan to borrow money, “our company is really unable to return. In this case, considering that the 'Shuangjian Garden' project has been invested, our company has no follow-up funds for development. After nearly half a year of negotiations and consultations, the two sides signed the "Debt Settlement Agreement."

On March 18, 2004, the “Debt Settlement Agreement” signed by the two parties stipulated that Zhonghenglian Company would use the assets of “Shuangjian Garden” project and the total equity to make a price of 518 million yuan, and the amount of debts paid to Jinfei Center was 500 million yuan. "In this way, China Henglian also owes 20 million yuan to Jinfei Center." Wu Liang, a lawyer of China Henglian, told the reporter.

However, Liu Qingshan did not expect that the 20 million debts would allow him to repay the assets of more than 100 million yuan.

During the period from January to April 2005, Liu Qingshan’s three companies signed a Framework Agreement (hereinafter referred to as the Framework Agreement) and four supplementary agreements with Jinfei Center. According to these agreements, Jinfei Center obtained the assets of Liu Qingshan in Mianyang, including the property rights of Linyuan Hotel, the creditor's rights of Yan'er River Reservoir Project Construction Administration in Mianyang City, and the debts of Mianyang Airport Project. These assets totaled more than 150 million. yuan. The court of first instance held that the Jinfei Center actually occupied the assets of Liu Qingshan at 101.6 million yuan after the settlement of RMB 20 million from the Jinfei Center and the Jinfei Center on behalf of the China Mobile Bank. Therefore, the court of first instance ruled that Jinfei Center compensated 101.6 million yuan and interest.

"If there is no coercion and coercion from the Capital Airport Group and the Capital Airport Public Security Bureau, how can we hand over the assets of more than 150 million yuan to the Jinfei Center without paying only 20 million yuan?" Liu Qingshan looked Helpless. He was not willing to hand over the assets to the Capital Airport. "One side is the high-pressure policy of the airport public security, and the other is the temptation of Li Peiying." After several months of struggle, Liu Qingshan finally gave in.

Li Peiying’s last fight before the billionaire’s escape

On November 3, 2004, Liu Qingshan remembered this day very clearly. That day he was in Sanya, and a friend’s phone made him suddenly feel inexplicably nervous: Cui Minquan, the general manager of Jinfei Center, was “double-regulated”. Liu immediately flew from Sanya to Beijing to inquire about the news. At this time, Liu Qingshan did not know that he was also in danger. The Jinfei Center had reported the case to the airport public security bureau, and Liu Qingshan was suspected of fraud. Just arrived at the door of the residence in Beijing, Liu Qingshan found several police cars parked in front of the door. He had thought of another place in Beijing, but he "feels unsafe" and began to flee.

Liu Qingshan used to be a public security officer, so he thought his anti-reconnaissance ability was not bad. He did not dare to take the train, and he did not dare to flee from Beijing by plane. That night, he took a bus to Baoding and was ready to take a train from Baoding to Chengdu. After Baoding, Liu Qingshan asked a friend in the Public Security Bureau to get him a train ticket. When he was tired, he slept in the hotel. The doorbell roused him, through the cat's eye, standing outside the door with two people wearing public security uniforms.

"How did I get caught up at the airport police?" Liu Qingshan thought, he would not be captured at the first stop of the flight. He lived on the 12th floor. "Jumping will die," and Liu Qingshan opened his door with a hard scalp.

"Our leader sent me to send you a ticket." The police outside the door said. At this time, Liu Qingshan was relieved. "At the moment, I was scared of cold sweat."

In the evening, under the escort of public security personnel, Liu Qingshan took the train and left Baoding. When he arrived in Chengdu, Liu Qingshan did not dare to live in the hotel, but rented a house in the residential area. "I lived for a month at the time of living." Liu Qingshan recalled that when the money on his body was used up, he borrowed some money from his friends.

After a month of renting a house, Liu Qingshan still feels "not practical." So he went to Lanzhou again, from Lanzhou to Hainan, and then to Chongqing. “I went to 9 provinces.” Liu Qingshan told reporters that every time he went to a place, he called Li Peiying.

"The accounts of both of us are clear, and the money you borrowed is also returned." Liu Qingshan told Li Peiying on the phone that he should not use unusual means to deal with him.

Li Peiying said every time: "I think about it, don't worry. The police are looking for you, they are performing their duties."

In the process of “running the road”, Liu Qingshan bought more than a dozen “cottage” mobile phones and bought more than a dozen calling cards at the roadside shop. "Every time I make a phone call, I will throw away the phone and the card together." Liu Qingshan said that he knows that the police can find his position through technical investigation. Sometimes the airport police found the location where he called, and waited for the police to arrive. When he went to another place.

During Liu’s escape, the Capital Airport Public Security Bureau took measures such as interrogation and bail pending trials for the four senior executives of Liu Qingshan Company. Liu Qingshan himself was also released on bail pending trial in December 2004. Liu said that the Capital Airport Public Security Bureau not only frozen his vehicle and personal accounts, but also took away the company's financial accounts, business licenses, administrative chapters and financial chapters. “The company is basically paralyzed.”

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