Taishan Yuhuangding practiced Hongning on May 29th. After completing the three-hole line of Linliang Mengliang, Mengshanxing and Jining Qufu, the author of China's famous mountain line came to Tai'an, Shandong, and climbed from Zhongtianmen to Nantian...


Taishan Yuhuang top practicing Hongning photo

On May 29th, after completing the three-hole line of Linliang Mengliang, Mengshanxing and Jining Qufu, the author of the famous Chinese mountain came to Tai'an, Shandong, climbed from Zhongtianmen to Nantianmen, then boarded the Dongyue Taishan Jade Emperor, and walked down the mountain. Go straight to Taishan Railway Station. Boarding this mountain is my childhood dream. I have the influence of Yang Lan's "Taishan Pinding", which has a magical attraction of 1545 meters. Because the imperial dynasty of the emperors made it famous, Confucius had the heart of "Teng Tai Shan and the Little World". Du Fu also had the swan song of "It will be the top of the mountain, and the list is small." I have unlimited admiration for it. Today, Taishan, which is the head of the Five Sacred Mountains, is highly sought after by tourists from all over the world. Whether it is Chinese or foreigners, they come here to climb, especially to take advantage of the 18 places. However, after I visited the Yangtze River Great Wall Changzheng Road and the Canal Line, the Wanli Border and the famous Chinese mountain line and so on through dozens of mountains and hundreds of places, I feel that the tourism culture of Mount Tai is still not as perfect as I imagined. With the situation of the times and the development of modern culture, it is necessary to seriously summarize the reflections, and even draw on the strengths of the leaders, constantly innovate the culture, enhance the charm, enhance the realm, and let the Taishan always enjoy the youthful vitality of tourism. Although the status of Taishan is not challenging, if you only pay for money, regardless of culture, service, and lack of invigoration, once you are complacent, self-sufficient, and stagnant, you will inevitably be surpassed and replaced by other attractions. This is my Taishan. A little humble. In order to the long-term interests of Mount Tai and the long-lasting prosperity of the Chinese culture, a number of suggestions are proposed for reference:

First, add a night light with solar cells. It can be charged automatically during the day and automatically at night. Because Taishan Sunrise is the main landscape, many people start climbing in the middle of the night. At night, a bright light on the mountain road will bring confidence, hope and light to the tourists, and can also guide the direction, rest and adjustment.

Second, the signboard should not be intentionally misleading. Many hiking signs are misleading, not pointing to the direction of the mountain road, but pointing to the small temple. It is intentional for people to walk through the temple. It is obviously intentional, especially at night, it is easy to eat people.

Third, pay attention to civilized business. The businessman who took photos on the mountain always used photos to block the tourists’ way, and blocked the photos in front of the tourists’ faces, even followed by tourists asking tourists to take pictures. However, in the photo spots where tourists lined up themselves, they took care of themselves. It is the "landlord status" and the tourists compete for the position to grab the seat, making tourists suspect. Taishan La guests are too enthusiastic, people are very disgusted and afraid, I hope that Taishan strengthens this aspect of management, do not let the wild guide black guide ruin the image of Taishan. On the other hand, we must also strengthen the tourist mountaineering civilization, do not litter the management of the garbage, do not let the bags on the hiking trail fly around.

Fourth, the mountain music sings. It is recommended to add some music dark speakers on the hiking trails to allow visitors to enjoy the beautiful singing and singing music on the way to the mountain, to get the music and pleasure, and to reduce fatigue.

The toilet should be added in the middle of the fifth and eighteenth. This section of road slope is steep and steep. It is the most important part of the whole mountaineering road. Whether it is going up and down the mountain, it may cause acute enteritis due to cold water or cold. It is more likely to be excreted in time. . From the point of view of the light, there is still a phenomenon of urinating at night.

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