With the end of the college entrance examination, the summer tourism market has also turned hot with the temperature. In the past few days, the travel agency “Dayu” in the Hangzhou market has also struggled to compete for the market.


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The reporter learned that Hangzhou Overseas Tourism Co., Ltd. has released dozens of summer parent-child routes and more than ten charter flights. Zhejiang Zhongqing Brigade will grab the "variety of freedom" in Beijing and Shanghai before the summer vacation. "The product is landing in Hangzhou, in order to use the wonderful island tour, the three types of customers, "couples, friends, family" will be wiped out; and Ctrip will launch the Hangzhou special sale in the near future, providing more than 100 prices at 3 fold. The number of places to buy, the degree of concessions is astounding.

A number of travel agencies have said that the summer will be more about parent-child products, allowing children to participate in interaction.

On the 10th, the reporter saw that the summer special products of Hangzhou Overseas Travel Service have been “freshly released”, and they have traveled to various destinations such as South Korea, Britain, Japan, Australia, Phuket, Thailand, etc., and they have done on the setting of attractions and details. It is enough to "flower head."

For example, in the “Family Yixia” series of products in Taiwan, let the children enter the famous universities such as Taiwan University and Sun Yat-sen University, and feel the strong style of study on the Taiwan campus. At the same time, they also arranged the Children’s Art Museum in Taiwan to let the children walk in. In the paintings of famous painters of the world. However, if it is an island tour on the 8th, the entertainment arranged in the itinerary is to visit Hualien Farglory Ocean Park; on the 6th, the theme tour is Liufu Village Theme Park; and on the 8th tour of Xiamen Jintai is the Jiuzu Culture Village. It can be said that the styles are different and the choices are diverse.

In addition, Hangzhou Overseas has launched more than a dozen summer charter flights. Among them, the direct flight from Shanghai to Pyongyang in North Korea is even more impressive. According to reports, in July to North Korea, visitors can enjoy the Korean version of the opera "Dream of Red Mansions" and "Liang Shanbo and Zhu Yingtai"; and from August 1 to early September, visitors can see a large scale of performance by 100,000 people Art group gymnastics "Arirang".

Pu Lixia, general manager of the CYTS Free Travel Branch, said that unlike the ordinary “machine + wine” free travel mode, the content of CYTS’ free travel includes “rich destination services, professional travel information, selected hotels and Optional ticket, emphasizes professionalism, safety, peace of mind and convenience.

For example, on the second day of free travellers staying at the hotel, CYTS’s system will automatically send a text message to the guest’s mobile phone and ask “How is the feeling of staying?” If the guest feels bad or has trouble, CYTS will immediately Send someone to help solve it. Moreover, the 24-hour emergency Chinese contact number is opened. In the resort where language is not available, you can also call this number for help at the first time. In addition, in terms of insurance, you can even provide emergency rescue insurance with SOS.

“Various Free Travel will be the destination of the island tour in Hangzhou. The products include popular islands such as Maldives, Bali and Phuket, as well as emerging islands such as Mauritius, Seychelles and Tahiti.” Introduction, for families with children, the relaxed and fun of Phuket, the idyllic scenery of Bali and the ecologically harmonious Cherating Bay are very popular destinations, the most popular vacations in these places. The way is to choose Club Med Resort's one-price all-inclusive holiday experience. In addition to the airport-to-hotel shuttle, three meals a day, a wide range of drinks and snacks, parents can slow down and enjoy the family, children You can take part in a variety of recreational activities and study classes at the resort, and make friends with kids around the world.

It is understood that domestic long-distance travel routes, such as Sanya, Xiamen, and Guilin, can only be used for 3-5 percent of the usual price. Day trips around Hangzhou such as Tonglu, Suzhou, and Yuhang are only within half of the usual price. You can enjoy a day trip to Tonglu River and Tongshi Golden Beach. (Today's Morning Post)

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