On July 2, 2011, the flight from China Southern Airlines Shenyang to Irkutsk, Russia, is about to start, once a week, with the flight number CZ609, 19:30 from Shenyang, and 23:30 to Il...

On July 2, 2011, China Southern Airlines Shenyang to Russia Irkutsk is about to start the flight, once a week, where the flight number is CZ609, take off from Shenyang at 19:30, and arrive at Irku at 23:30. Flight on Saturday, return flight number is CZ610, 00:55 takes off from Irkut, arrives in Shenyang at 03:00, and flights every Sunday (all above are local time).

The Shenyang Irkutsk route was one of the earlier international flights operated by China Southern Airlines. It was opened in July 1991 and has been alternately flying in charter and regular classes. The change to the regular class will play a positive role in further promoting the development of China-Russia economic and trade relations.

Irkutsk is the second largest city in Russia's Eastern Siberia region. It is known as the "Siberian Heart", "Oriental Paris" and "Siberian Pearl". It has four distinct seasons and beautiful scenery. The average temperature in July is 19 °C. It is a good place to escape summer and summer. The world's largest and deepest freshwater lake, Lake Baikal, is located in the state of Irkutsk. It is rich in resources and has a peculiar landscape. It is especially suitable for recuperation.

Irkutsk is also the only large industrial city in Siberia. Its machinery manufacturing, timber, furniture, food, construction and other industries are developed. In recent years, it has become one of the most frequent economic and trade exchanges between China and Russia.

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