In the recent period, Anta, Peak, Xtep, Hongxing Erke and other footwear brands have announced high-profile announcements, intensified the development of e-commerce and put forward their own development plans. The company's online annual sales, as well as the proportion of e-commerce in the corporate marketing business, have become the focus.

Zheng Jie, president of Anta brand, recently stated that e-commerce is one of the important blue sea areas and development trends of ANTA in the future. They will focus on building e-commerce models. Anta will continue to improve and unify the management of online sales channels, strictly control online and offline channels, and form product differentiation; promote the integration of digital marketing activities and e-commerce sales; increase investment in IT, logistics, etc., improve hardware and software Conditions; to strengthen the integration of online and offline resources, and ultimately achieve faster and better development of Anta e-commerce.

In 2011, Xtep set the target of network distribution sales to 200 million yuan, and the e-commerce business will account for 10% of the company's sales in the next five years. Xtep has raised e-commerce to the height of corporate strategy and has clear ideas and specific plans for future development.

According to reports, Erke will actively participate in and promote the development of e-commerce as a new channel. Through category management or other strategies, various properties of online products will be more in line with the value needs of consumers. In the next three years, the goal will be online sales. Can account for 10% of sales to achieve sales of "billion."

According to the "Eleventh Five-Year Plan for Economic and Social Development Achievements" issued by the National Bureau of Statistics, the data from the China E-Commerce Research Center's "2010 China E-commerce Market Monitoring Report" was cited. In 2010, the transaction volume of China's e-commerce market reached 4.5. Trillion yuan, a year-on-year increase of 22%; of which, the online retail (Internet shopping) market transaction volume reached 513.1 billion yuan, an increase of 97.3% year-on-year, nearly doubling from 2009, accounting for about 3% of the total retail sales of social goods for the whole year. In the next two years, it will exceed one billion yuan; in addition, the number of personal online stores has reached 13.5 million, an increase of 19.2% year-on-year.

From the above data, it can be seen that e-commerce has developed into the stage where mainstream people purchase mainstream products, and clothing is precisely the most typical mainstream product. It can be said that in the past few years, clothing retail e-commerce has been one of the best, and the growth rate is encouraging. The upward momentum is very strong.

Relevant information shows that among the 150 million people who participated in online shopping in China in 2009, 70% of consumers purchased shoes and clothing; in the total amount of online sales, sales of footwear products accounted for 1/4; at present, in the case of e-commerce financing mergers and acquisitions, Companies affiliated with the field of footwear and footwear occupy half; in the Taobao turnover “TOP10 ranking”, the top two are men and women. A series of data shows that the entire apparel industry has been greatly shocked by e-commerce, and traditional industries are facing an unprecedented era of information and networking.

The role of e-commerce in the adjustment of industrial structure and the effective allocation of resources is becoming increasingly prominent. It is changing the traditional management model and the organizational form of production, and guiding the continuous reform of brand manufacturing, logistics trade, and production and consumer spending.

With the increasingly mature use of the Internet, more and more consumers buy sports shoes and apparel products through the Internet, and the scale of online shopping is rapidly expanding. In order to better serve consumers, brand companies constantly try to expand the online shopping market and establish their own online stores to provide consumers with more choices for shopping.

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