The workers were busy at the main road of the Taidang Lake tourist area in Wudang, just 10:30 am, the outdoor temperature has exceeded 33 ° C, walking on the ramp of the motor vehicle, obviously can feel the enthusiasm of the heat wave...


The workers are busy on the main road in the Wutai Taiji Lake tourist area.

Just at 10:30 in the morning, the outdoor temperature has exceeded 33 ° C, walking on the ramp of the motor vehicle, obviously can feel the impact of the heat wave. At this time, the 180-day conference that the Taiji Lake Group blew was just two months old. In order to understand the progress of the construction, the reporter once again came to the site.

The roar of the machine can be heard without entering the construction site. The reporters who walked into the main road of the Taiji Lake tourist area saw many large-scale mechanical roaring operations. Dozens of engineers were working intensely, and high-temperature welding and holes were carried out under the scorching sun. The pouring work of the slab and slab beam concrete... The construction site is a lively scene, and the construction progress is not affected by the hot weather.

At the scene, we can see that the sturdy and reinforced bridge piers have begun to take shape. More than ten engineers are carrying out the concrete slab beam pouring of the bridge. The construction workers who are strengthening the steel bars to the ground are told by the reporter, "The main thing we are doing now." It is the concrete pouring of the slab beam. Although the weather is very hot, this project is very important, and the time is tight, so we dare not slack off."

Manager Liu of the project said: "The new construction of the main road of Wudang and Taiji Lake eco-tourism area, including east-west direction K0+000~K3+898.416 and north-south direction K0+000~K2+897.43, total length about 6.8 kilometers, roadbed width 12.0~22.0 meters, the road surface width is 10.5~18.0 meters, and the road surface layer is asphalt concrete. Now the construction section is the Liushugou Bridge, which belongs to the east-west direction. It is mainly connected to the east-west and north-south bridges of the main road. So it is very important."

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