Lucheng County, Laibin City, Guangxi Province adheres to the “characteristics of establishing a city” and, in accordance with the architectural style of “Zhuangxiang, Tusi, ecology, and modernity,” highlights four articles on “green”, “mountain”, “water”, and “hole”. To build a city with mountains and city features in the city, and strive to create a "Garden-style Villa, Tusi Cultural Tourism City", attracting the attention of people from all walks of life both inside and outside the region, and become a hot spot for investment, entrepreneurship and tourism.

Luancheng County is a county where Zhuang people live together. The Zhuang population accounts for 89.98%. The Zhuang people in Luancheng are rich in culture, with rich historical sites and main cultural and human landscapes. The Mo Tusi, known as the “Forbidden City of Forbidden City,” covers an area of ​​389,000 square meters, and it is the best preserved toast bureau in Asia. It is the epitome of Tusi system culture in the late Ming and early Ming and has been listed as national key cultural relic protection by the country. unit. The Gupu Village in Beigeng Township is a village surrounded by mountains on three sides. It is a typical Zhuang folk-style bar-style dwelling village. The buildings are simple and elegant, with a unique structure. It is an ideal place for setting up Zhuang ethnic customs.

In order to improve the quality of the city and optimize the tourism environment, the Yucheng County Party Committee and County Government endeavored to raise funds and take various measures to improve the urban construction around the Tusi culture.

Lucheng started the construction of the Chengnan New District and further expanded the county's framework. 3,100 mu of land has been acquired in the New District, and major projects such as the construction of 40-meter boulevards in new districts, experimental middle schools, new party construction projects, standard workshops, low-rent housing, and silk integrated processing plants have been started. The transformation of urban and rural landscapes has been implemented to allow the villagers to build houses into attractions. During the process of urban construction, the county adhered to its own characteristics and completed the nationalization of buildings on both sides of the main street of the county according to the architectural style of the Tusi; according to the “four modernization” criteria of hardening, greening, landscaping, and lighting, the city’s road to the city We will carry out renovations and expansions and install various street lights with cultural elements of Tusi. The county’s architectural style featuring “Xiaoqingwa, Slope roof, Akihakaya” is integrated into urban and rural style reconstruction and new rural construction. The transformation of 1120 households along the Second Class Highway and 12 villages and towns and townships have been remodeled. Now, when you enter the villages of Youcheng, you will see the buildings of the white-washed walls and blue tiles are patchwork, pleasing to the eye with lush trees and beautiful countryside.

Tourists who come to travel are full of emotions. Before traveling to Fucheng, it was only possible to feel the atmosphere and cultural atmosphere of the Tusi Department of Management. Now, as soon as you enter the county town, you can experience a Tusi-style architecture. Visitors to the tuna will be able to experience Tuzi culture in a more comprehensive and three-dimensional manner.

In addition to the integration of urban construction into the cultural elements of Tusi, Rucheng also strengthened the governance of the soft environment, closely integrated the urban construction with the people's livelihood projects, and provided the public with better public services while optimizing the urban environment.

Yucheng has carried out the reform of the county facade and road network construction. The completion of Zhijiang Peace Bridge to the People's Hospital section Tushui Shuijie construction, today's Tusi water street water waves, Yang Liu Yiyi, visitors feel like being in the "Jiangnan Water Village" in the beautiful picture. The "1234" Huimin project was implemented. Investing 7 million yuan to aggressively construct county-level regional flood protection embankments, build the Hongchuan National Plaza and Panshui Ecological Plaza, construct the Shuangsheng River Embankment cross-strait road, Cuiping Mountain Huanshan Road, the county inner ring road and construct the Zhuangyuan Bridge, Wanshou Bridge, Pingyao Bridge and Zhijiang Bridge have 4 style bridges. The current Yucheng City has become a "water village" in the Dashi Mountain area.

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