Once upon a time, did you remember that there are so many demon ghosts in the Journey to the West who want to eat Tang dynasty? Yes, it is for the sake of immortality! A book called "Seeking a doctor is not as good as asking for yourself" has attracted countless people...

Once upon a time, why did the "Journey to the West" in the Journey to the West have so many devils and ghosts who want to eat Tang Yan meat? Yes, it is for the sake of immortality! A book "Seeking a doctor is not as good as seeking self" has attracted the attention of countless people. Japan's nuclear radiation has attracted countless people's panic. Mung beans can cure millions of diseases and have been trusted by countless people. From myth to today, people are always afraid of getting old, always afraid of facelessness and life.


Early morning martial arts

The living conditions of urbanites have also changed. Female white-collar workers are keen to learn the things of guzheng, calligraphy, yoga and other self-cultivation. Many male white-collar workers are more interested in Tai Chi.

On the weekends, many young friends practice Taijiquan with the old ladies in the square. From the curiosity, Mr. Zhao from a financial company told reporters that he would practice here every morning before going to work. “He is usually busy at work. There is no extra time to exercise, the money is earned, and the livelihood is no problem, but the occupational disease is all out, it is not worth the loss!"


Wudang Mountain

When I talked about how to practice Taijiquan, Mr. Zhao said with a smile: "This has to benefit from a trip. When I was on a long vacation, I went to Taiji Lake in Wudang Mountain. It was a Taoist holy place. I saw many people practicing Tai Chi, especially It was in the early morning, breathing fresh air and practicing Tai Chi in Tai Chi Lake. It was really enjoyable for those of us who lived in the metropolis every day. I was impressed by the old people who saw it in the square. After practicing for two months, I felt that the beer belly was a lot smaller and the whole person was refreshed in the action of Tai Chi, one stroke and one stroke. This is also a way to maintain health!"


Tai Chi Lake

"The process of learning Taijiquan is also the process of spiritual health. Taijiquan seems to be opposite each other. In fact, it can be transformed into each other. The things learned in Taijiquan can also be applied to the workplace. For example, Laozi’s use of softness is applied to some work. It’s very effective.” Looking at Mr. Zhao’s eager journalist, I couldn’t help but learn two tricks. I feel a lot of magic.

The phenomenon of Japanese and Japanese menstrual days in nature inspires people to practice nature and return to nature, so that life will last forever. This made the reporter understand what is called "health", that is, "maintaining life and maintaining a living."

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