Every trip and return is a refreshment of past life. The trip to the Maldives has repositioned my life. In the days of the Maldives, it was really like a dream. Feminine blue...

Every trip and return is a refreshment of past life. The trip to the Maldives has repositioned my life. In the days of the Maldives, it was really like a dream. A soft blue lagoon, swaying palm trees, blue skies, blue waters, white sand beaches, and footprints on the beach...

In fact, there is still a little worry before going to the Maldives, because it is too busy with my boyfriend, not very prepared, and time is not very abundant. But the buddies said in my ear, rest assured, and gave them enough! Yes, this travel agency is recommended by her, and traveled enough to travel the net. The buddies have been highly rated because they have followed several missions. . As it turns out, it’s really good to travel enough to travel the net. The service attitude is not said. The most important thing is that the price makes me feel at ease.

This time I went to Kani Island in the Maldives, because we don’t like “hopping the island”. It’s too tiring and too complicated, so I’ve been on this island for a few days, and I think the Maldives is not a tourist attraction. It is a place to recuperate. It is better to live in an island and enjoy the pleasure of traveling to the Maldives.

It was the night when I arrived there on the first day. After the plane landed, I had to take the hotel motorboat to get to Kani Island. In the night, the motorboat is flying, extremely exciting, and dare not look at the waves drawn on the water, so look up at the sky, the black lacquered air has no moon, but clearly see the level of the cloud. Woke up the next morning, looking out the window, it was so beautiful, clear the green water of the lake, the white sandy beach, the clean and refreshing blue sky and white clouds, everything is under the bright sun, such as PS is generally perfect .


One of the most attractive places for CLUB MED is the all-inclusive package. Basically, the cost is included in the room rate, including basic rides and catering, no extra charge, so it is better to budget. And the result is also very easy for people to have a holiday, want to eat and want to drink, go to the restaurant or bar, do not count the price. I really have to thank you for visiting the travel network. I have a chance to lie on a beach chair and drink a cup and drink a cup of coffee every day. It feels like communism, and the days are like dreams.


The activities here are also very rich, among which snorkeling, swimming, yoga and anything are free, but what about water planes, spas, submarines, etc. is the payment project. In order to make the vacation people have a wonderful day, the resort also has different activities, performances, small competitions and the like every day. It’s just that I was born quiet and didn’t participate, but I was very happy when I watched others.

Most of the time, we all eat, drink, drink, look at the sunset, count the stars, but don't feel bored at all. On the contrary, we feel that such a day is too fast.

Sunset is the most beautiful time, most of the tourists leave, the sunset, the golden beach, pure and timeless, as if recalling the long-lost dream of the insomniac. The vitality of the sound disappeared quickly, and the island was quiet. This kind of silence made me feel warm. The moonlight is getting thicker, the breeze is melodious, the trees are blue and white, the moonlight is like silver and diarrhea, the beach is silver-plated, the soft waves are like a white swaying on the beach, I am with the lovers, the world seems to leave us, apply a very vulgar If you really want time, stop here...


I lived on the island for a few days. It feels like a summer camp when I was a child. Every day is full of expectation. The happiness is very different from the feeling of being in the city. It is more pure and clear, less complicated and muddy. Here, my The mind is liberated. Without the troubles of so many troubles in the city, the feelings between us have also been sublimated. We are not honeymooners, but more like honeymoons.

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