In the recent news of layoffs and bankruptcy of e-commerce websites, Monday's business treasure (16.51, 0.24, 1.48%) put a huge daily limit against the trend, with the Shanghai Steel Association of the industry (35.380, 2.63, 8.03%). Focus Technology (48.78, 0.50, 1.04%) also reported in red.

"The fundamentals of business treasures should not change." A brokerage firm analyzed that for B2B-type e-commerce websites, revenue is stable, but the annual growth is relatively slow.

In fact, the business treasure business is not doing well recently. Prior to this, the company released a revised announcement of the performance forecast for the 20%-40% year-on-year decline in net profit for the medium-term period. The reasons included increased labor costs and increased expenses for business development.

This situation is prevalent in the entire e-commerce industry. Gao, the group-purchasing website that was founded on February 28 this year, was recently kicked off by mass layoffs. Previously, the media quoted the Shenzhen E-commerce Industry Association as saying that the 3,700 e-commerce companies registered and operated closed down nearly 500 last year, accounting for 13.5% of the number of registrations. This year, Shenzhen's e-commerce websites closed down more than last year. .

"E-commerce sites were 'burning money' in the early days." The above-mentioned sources said that because the e-commerce industry's threshold is very low, everyone is staking their enclaves and playing a price war. The last three or four families who survive can have bargaining power on the downstream. "Like the portal, Sina, Sohu, and NetEase finally survived."

E-commerce websites face more than just competition within the industry. Previously, household appliances, retail, textile and apparel companies have announced the creation of an e-commerce platform, and "touchnets" have allowed them to find new profit growth points.

“This is a trend, and the traditional industries are also seeking a transformation,” said the above person. However, he also believes that it is easy to be acquired and closed down by B2C, and the B2B website with membership fee and advertising as a profit model is slightly better. “Enterprise-level customers are not as accustomed to the average consumer, but are more dependent.”

At present, among A-share listed companies, Baobao focuses on the chemical industry, Shanghai Steel Union focuses on steel, and the focus technology is foreign trade, all of which are B2B-type e-commerce websites. “They started out purely as e-commerce and have certain strengths in the subdivided areas, so they can make profits. However, there are doubts as to whether this kind of profitability can continue and whether they can grow.”

Sea Freight to Australia/Newzealand
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Sea Freight to Australia/Newzealand

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