If you expect to continue to generate a sufficient number of high-quality sales leads, companies must make strategic arrangements for marketing activities over a period of time.

In the past two years, Demand Generation has become a hot word in B2B corporate marketing, some marketing managers call it “Lead Generation”, and even more, some big companies directly take charge of customers. The marketing team changed to "Demand Generation Team". It can be seen that the company not only accepts the marketing transformation from 4P to 4C in concept, but also puts forward the customer-oriented marketing requirements from the business to the marketing management department.

Customer demand mining refers to the entire process of exerting marketing influence on the target customer groups of the company, from the customer's interest in the company's products or services to the related consultation and then to the determination of the purchase intention. Compared with B2C companies, customer demand mining is more significant for B2B companies. Customer demand mining can accurately target the target customer market through marketing, systematically apply marketing communication methods, and use new technologies to provide sales staff with sales leads, and companies can finally achieve a multiplier effect.

In many companies, there are disputes over whether the marketing department or the sales department is responsible for customer demand mining. Different companies have different approaches. Most companies think that the customer needs to be tapped by the marketing department, and the sales staff should be responsible for the follow-up of the sales leads generated by the project and converted into a sign. After all, the cost of sales staff is higher than the marketing staff. Many times, they should not waste more time locating target customers and finding potential customers.

How to dig five essential strategies for companies to successfully carry out customer demand mining, it must be conceptualized as a continuous activity. If you expect to continue to generate a sufficient number of high-quality sales leads, companies must make strategic arrangements for marketing activities over a period of time. Then, the following five tasks are essential in the strategy: customer data acquisition and management, telemarketing, website access management, public relations and on-site activities.

Customer data acquisition and management. Customer-oriented marketing requires high-quality customer list support. Companies can obtain a list of customers through an organization that sells business directories. After purchasing high-quality data, companies should also have a very good data storage and management system. It is a customer relationship management system (CRM). When a marketing person discovers a sales lead through a marketing project, he puts the information into the CRM system and uses this system to understand and track the progress of the sales leads.

Telemarketing. Telemarketing is one of the best ways to tap sales leads. It can talk directly with target customers and collect the most valuable information on target purchase potential. However, the cost of telephone marketing is not low, not only involves the site, personnel, communications and other aspects of the cost, but also to ensure that telemarketers can form effective communication and dialogue with target potential customers. If companies plan to use telemarketing to tap sales leads, they must design a long-term telemarketing program for this purpose, so that it can bring stable and continuous high-quality sales leads to the company.

Site visitor management. The company's website has a large number of visitors every day, and analyzing their browsing behavior is also one of the best ways to obtain high-quality sales leads. The company can use some tips to master the information of website visitors, such as providing information that can be registered to download or subscribe to e-mail, so that potential customers have a certain degree of awareness and interest in the company. When potential customers who are interested in the company visit the website, the marketing personnel must focus on the comparison of why the company's products are superior to the competitors. This can enable the sales leads to be successfully converted into customers faster and more efficiently.

PR. Publishing articles on media that target customers often read is also a very cost-effective way to get sales leads. PR not only establishes the status of a leader in the industry, but also brings valuable sales leads. Whether it is the company's own implementation or the implementation of a third party, the cost of public relations promotion depends on the size and duration of the marketing program. With an assured budget, an annual continuous project can generate continuous sales leads for the company. Of course, public relations marketing programs are not easily evaluated and are easily misunderstood as low customer response rates.

Live activities. The exhibition is a very useful tool for tapping sales leads. The premise is to find suitable exhibition opportunities and spend time evaluating the corresponding effects. Meetings and on-site seminars for senior management of target customers can also effectively promote purchase decisions. Many companies do not regard customers who do not have clear purchase requirements in the short term as sales leads. In fact, sales leads should cover customers' understanding, interest, and purchase. The impact on potential customers should be continuous, and efforts to tap leads should also be sustained. One-off influences are often unsatisfactory.

Correct evaluation of investment return after digging How can companies evaluate the return on investment (ROI) of customer needs? Through the project, the marketing team has improved customer awareness of products and services, improved and updated customer profiles, and the sales team valued whether they could successfully establish and develop transaction relationships with customers. If a company plans to maximize its investment return on lead mining, it is best to evaluate the overall return on investment from the following three aspects:

First, is the marketing and sales organization establishing a harmonious and smooth cooperation mechanism? In order to minimize the level of dissatisfaction between the two parties, the marketing and sales departments should work together to develop a content and quality standard for sales leads that both parties can understand and accept. Both parties should promptly give each other feedback and review the related progress of the sales leads. Problems, record data in the CRM system, ensure that both parties can view and use relevant information at any time, and optimize and improve the next action plan;

Second, does it create reusable resources and marketing programs? To create a reusable marketing program, it is required to minimize the adaptability of re-use, so as to maximize the investment in marketing projects;

Third, the cultivation of customer relationships. Digging customer needs is not only planning and executing a marketing campaign, reporting results, and throwing sales leads to sales. Calculating an ROI value ends. The whole process of excavating sales leads, the more important value lies in establishing relationships with customers, affecting the entire buying decision cycle of customers, allowing customers to gain a deeper understanding and positive influence on the products and brands of the company, and discovering opportunities for cross-selling and up-selling. Facilitate the loyal customers' trust in the company and increase the cooperation, and make recommendations to other potential customers at the right time. The sales leads provided by the marketing department may not be an opportunity for the sales department to trade. These sales leads also require the marketing department to design a marketing program that will continue to communicate with customers and communicate with customers in a timely manner to establish and deepen mutual trust. The deeper the understanding of the customer, the more effective it is to ensure that the communication with the customer is most effective until the potential customer becomes a trading customer or even a loyal customer.

Many B2B companies have already initiated the work of customer demand mining. If enterprise managers can apply systematic methods and perspectives, evaluate and apply customer demand mining, they will surely continue to successfully carry out related projects and obtain the highest marketing investment returns.

Case Application Customer Demand Mining can be applied to large and small enterprise customer marketing, and even channel marketing. For specific applications in B2B companies, take a closer look at the following two cases.

Plantronics' site action Plantronics is a well-known headphone manufacturer. Its headset products for SMEs can help companies significantly increase work efficiency. The company's Marketing Department has designed a customer demand mining project for 50-250 SME owners and department managers. The purpose is to generate sales leads for 1000 companies willing to buy or try company headset products. After investigating the 1,000 SMEs, they wrote a report entitled "The birth of super SMEs - a guide to successfully survive the economic crisis" and put them on a financial news website for about three months. Potential customers interested in downloading while offering free trials of headset products.

Collaborate with all sites that provide services to SMEs. When users of these websites log in or receive subscription emails, if they are interested in a free trial of Plantronics, they can do it automatically by clicking the mouse and agreeing to try and submit their own relevant information.

A small network site was specifically established. When the text ads they place on different websites are clicked, the customers are taken to the site. The site has relevant reports and product details for customers to download and browse. If customers are interested, after completing and submitting relevant information, they can complete the download of the report information. Platronics telemarketing and sales personnel will then contact the customer to arrange a free trial of the headset.

Make a video. There are business school professors interpreting the report. The marketing director of Plantronics appeared as a representative to make the job more efficient. At the same time, the video also included a dialogue with the SME owner. The videos are placed on different websites. After viewing the interested customers, click to reach Plantronics's event site to download the report information and get a free trial of the headset.

Various types of online advertisements such as banner advertisements were placed. The interested customers are guided to a small site for registration and downloading. Each registered customer will be arranged for free trial by sales.

The billing patterns for these ads are calculated on a per-produced sales lead. After the event, Plantronics received a sales lead of more than 147% of the original plan. Using a professional business report as a tool, Plantronics can tell customers a story that is much larger than the product. In this story, the company’s products and the value it brings to customers can be combined with the theme of the story. Echoes and obtains customer's effective response.

Microsoft's public relations activities The Microsoft Corporation Marketing Department has launched a customer demand mining project called Contact (TOUCH) to establish closer links with Microsoft's European branches of global customers in the financial industry. The top management establishes relationships and discovers sales opportunities.

Microsoft’s financial industry service team and global customer service team all participated in the project. They chose a marketing service organization with a Chief Wine Officer to collaborate. The entire marketing project was divided into four phases:

In the first phase, the understanding of global customers is deepened. Microsoft and the marketing service provider jointly established a portal for salespeople, aiming to enable all participants of the project to form a deep insight into global customers. Microsoft can add key contacts for global customers on this site and provide each customer with the latest technical service plans and business cooperation. The marketing service provider also arranges professional editors to provide customer news and marketing knowledge in the financial industry on the website. If a customer has potential business cooperation opportunities, the site will send an automatic e-mail alert.

In the second stage, Microsoft introduced the target contact to the CWO club. The CWO club organization has initiated a series of communicative tours for top management personnel in the financial industry, as well as small-scale theme roundtables such as industry consulting, wealth management, and the future of the financial branch. Through these activities, Microsoft has established a primary relationship with senior managers of global customers in the financial industry.

The third stage is to promote and nurture customer relationships. With the help of CWO Club’s extensive network of contacts and high-level e-mail and telephone communications, marketing vendors have successfully invited Microsoft’s designated financial industry customer contacts to conduct one-on-one meetings with Microsoft’s sales team.

The fourth stage is the continuous cultivation of customer relationships. After Microsoft’s sales team establishes direct contact with high-end managers in the financial industry, the CWO Club will continue to provide Microsoft’s relevant news and success stories in the financial industry in related club publications and materials targeted to target customers.

Through this project, Microsoft has established relationships with more than 140 executives in the financial industry during the communicative tour, attracting about 150 people to participate in small roundtables and a large number of one-on-one interviews.

The author is the general manager of marketing information service of Xinhuaxin International Information Consulting (Beijing) Co., Ltd.: The customer needs digging is not only planning and executing a marketing campaign, reporting results, throwing some sales leads to sales, and calculating an ROI value is over. .

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