On Monday (September 5th), Euro/U.S. dollar traded quietly after the August Markit service PMI, which was announced in Germany and the Eurozone, and the current exchange rate fluctuates around 1.4140.

The final value of the August Markit service industry PMI for the Euro zone announced on Monday was 51.5, with an expected 51.5 and a previous value of 51.5. The data was in line with expectations. However, the final value of the comprehensive PMI new business index in August was 49.8, and the final value in July was 50.4, the lowest since August 2009.

At the same time, Germany's August Markit/BME service industry purchasing managers index (PMI) final value 51.1, expected 50.4, the previous value of 50.4, the lowest since October 2009.

The data shows that the service sector in the Eurozone has temporarily fallen into weakness.

Analysts said that the euro zone is facing multiple negatives, including the implementation of the Greek fiscal austerity policy did not meet the requirements for a new rescue loan; German Chancellor Angela Merkel's party lost in local elections, the German Constitutional Court will determine There are still doubts about the legality of emergency rescue in Greece. Under the turmoil of the European debt crisis, coupled with concerns about the European Central Bank’s monetary policy meeting this week, they are cautious.

In the afternoon market, the euro is expected to repeat, temporarily fluctuating between 1.4100 and 1.4300. Resistance is at 1.4210, 1.4260; support is at 1.4110, 1.4060.

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