The day before yesterday, Miss Liu made hair at Cixi Hairdressing Landscape Store and used prepaid consumer cards for consumption.

What Miss Liu did not know was that if it were not for the early warning of the business system, her funds in this card might be engulfed. In fact, her original consumption card came from another hair salon, Cixi Shihai Beauty & Hairdressing Co., which had cancelled the business at the end of June because of business problems.

How does Miss Liu's cash on prepaid consumer cards come back to life? This comes from a "warning" at Cixi's industrial and commercial registration hall.

One day at the end of June this year, the staff of the “Sixi Silk Sea” came to the business sector to write off the company. When the staff accepted the business, a warning was popped up on the computer: “The company has signed the Self-discipline Convention for Cixi Prepaid Consumer Card Selling Enterprises. When handling changes, cancellations, cancellations, and other related businesses, it must first inform the Information Management Office. ”

“The industry and commerce suspended the company’s cancellation application and investigated the prepayment of the consumer card.” Deputy director of the office of the Cixi Industry and Commerce Bureau said that at the same time, it sent a text message to cardholders to inform the situation. After all prepaid consumer cards are processed, they will go through the cancellation procedures for the enterprise.

In the end, 8 consumers received a refund card, and 24 consumers exchanged their spending cards for other salons.

It is understood that in order to effectively handle pre-paid consumption disputes, Cixi Industry and Commerce opened an information exchange channel between the registration hall and the information management office to conduct early-warning management of registered card-issuing units; for ordinary consumers, they can register at Cixi Consumer Network. Include its card-issuing unit in management.

"If you bought a prepaid card and you were afraid that your boss will run away and suffer losses, it is best to register with Cixi Consumer Network. If the store has any signs of trouble, you can immediately receive a short message." Cixi Commerce and Industry Branch The officials told reporters yesterday that this was their magic weapon for dealing with such incidents.

It is understood that after the consumer registers a consumer card at the website, the company's registration changes and even the decoration will be fed back to the consumer through the system. At present, more than 20 large-scale prepaid consumer card issuers have signed the industry self-regulation convention, and registered more than 500 consumers.

“This is the first pre-payment forecast system established by Ningbo.” The person in charge of the Cixi Industry and Commerce Branch said that through the early warning management of prepaid consumption companies, the previously troublesome disputes have now significantly improved.

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