Despite the fact that the summer is getting farther and the autumn season is beginning to fall, the “romantic meet” of the younger spouses as the mainstream consumer groups has not diminished. The person concerned believes that "romantic affinity" has both personality and malleability. If it is done properly, the development of a "sweet cause" is promising.

Love together "Top 10 Romantic Dates"

This summer, for Mr. Tan and Ms. Qi, who lived in the green home of the Beijing Olympic Village, it was an unforgettable romantic season. The two went hand in hand with the "romantic themes" organized by a travel agency in Beijing and came to the Gulf of Dalian, the top of the Huangshan Mountain, and the ancient alleys of Lijiang.... Mr. Tan told reporters that travel agencies have introduced many ideal "romantic meets" to lovers. Give couples enough "private" space. The young members feel the same: sweet, comfortable, unforgettable and unforgettable.

Not long ago, many young people spontaneously launched "Internet users voted the top 10 romantic dating sites", triggering couples' longing for romantic cities and tourist attractions. Some travel agencies are also timely and actively planning thematic products such as “Romantic Dating Tour”.

The reporter learned that the 10 most romantic dating sites voted by netizens are: the Dalian Discovery Kingdom located on the Gold Coast of the Golden Pebble Beach National Tourism Resort; located on the south bank of the Songhua River, known for its unique architectural landscape and European style. Inside and outside Harbin Sofia Square; located in Changchun Jingyuetan Tourism Economic Development Zone, not only can enjoy 4D, 5D movies and water curtains, floating and other dozens of special effect movies, but also can enjoy the high-tech audio and video effect of the Long Shadow Century City; The “Plateau of the Plateau” is known as the Lugu Lake in Sichuan province, which is rich in Mosuo culture and folk art; the Cangshan Mountain in the western part of Yunnan Province of China, with the change of the Chaohan Temple in the past four years, the landscape has a vast atmosphere of Dali Bohai; When the water is shining, the mountains are empty in the West Lake of Hangzhou; the lake is famous for its blooming flowers and plants, walks on the highway around the lake can be seen in Wuxi Taihu Lake in Wuguang Mountain; the mountain road is winding and the air that breathes is all green. The Guangxi Longsheng terraced field; Guilin Yangshuo known as the “Hometown of Liu Sanjie”; Sanya Yalong Bay, known as the “First Bay of the World”.

Wang Baodou, general manager of Beijing Debao Travel Service, told reporters that at the handover of summer and autumn this year, the top 10 romantic gatherings brought together many young people and drove local related industries such as high-end souvenirs, high-end accessories, wedding photography, and some hotel restaurants. With the continuous change "couple meal series."

"Couple Night Park" extends landscape tour

Professor Yu Chi, a deputy dean of the Hong Kong University’s School of Economics, who has studied urban consumer dynamics for many years, found through field research that in recent years, “marriage meets” that is closely related to the season and fits with the tide of fashion consumption, has moved from landscape to landscape. The city's "quiet harbor" stretches, especially from dusk to night, and the tourist city is a "quiet place", which is an ideal platform for young consumers to communicate and understand each other.

Ms. Shang Xiaotian, the moderator of “Wandering Scene Network”, told reporters that this year, some travel agency guides asked her to recommend some cities “couples parked at night”.

The guide of the website “Dawn of the Night” explained to Ms. Shang in the e-mail: “Some couples with a certain level of culture, after playing in the mountains during the day, have a lot of fun and would like to choose in the hotel after dinner. A romantic, undisturbed corner to savor the city

City night culture, mutual promotion of emotions. Therefore, it is hoped that the relevant websites will introduce some of the more desirable 'Couple Night Parks'. ”

An editor of LetoNet told reporters that this summer, the website promoted “the most popular venue for romantic dating in Beijing”, including “photosynthesis bookstores” near famous universities such as Tsinghua University and Beijing Language and Culture University. The 798 Art Zone, which has a strong atmosphere of leisure art and has become a new landmark of Beijing's urban culture; in the elegant atmosphere of European style, under the oversized screen of all-steel casting, within the full-bodied car space, we feel the “close-fitting ring” in the car. The Maple Garden Car Cinema with its shocking experience; the Hutong where you can talk with each other under Hutong street lights, or sit in the Dongsi area where you can sit in the cafe opposite the celebrity's former residence.... According to several websites that have tourist sections. According to editors, in the summer and autumn of this year, some travel agencies in Beijing aimed at young travelers who have not been fully explored after dinner. They timely launched the “Romance of Romantic Nights Around Man Evening” series and were sought after by many young partners.

Love and perception fit in and operate "Sweet Career"

When Jiang Kuang and Tian Lun and his wife, who had just returned to Beijing after the honeymoon in Ningbo, talked to reporters about the feeling of romantic similarity, the words with a higher rate of occurrence were "perceived." Ms. Tian told reporters that one of the important reasons why they chose honeymoon in this tourist city in Ningbo is to immerse themselves in the story of Fan Yan and Xi Shi joining Dong Qian Lake Tao Gongdao and indulge in the atmosphere where Liang and Zhu love each other. The two lovers appreciate the legend of love and exchange their enthusiasm for a better future. This not only increases knowledge and enriches the experience, but also deepens the sweet feelings.

In an interview with reporters, Ms. Yin Yun, an expert in folk culture in China, said that romantically developing a “sweet cause” should highlight “agreement between love and perception” so as to better express the deep connotation of a romantic journey.

This reporter learned that in August this year, the “Love written in Tangxi” campaign launched by Hangzhou Daily's Sports Supplement Center was jointly favored by young couples. Couples who love fine art have given messages on Weibo. The books full of love and paintings are left on the white walls of the ancient town of Tangxi. However, due to the sudden drop of Mei Chaofeng before and after the “Tanabata”, the “Writing Love in Tangxi” wall painting activity was postponed for a week.

Mr. Guo of the Chinese Artists Association asked the reporter to see DV in his hands and introduced the highlights of the wall painting event to reporters.

The reporter saw from the video that the young couples' love-spirited works include bridges filled with southern style, magpie operas with traditional charms, decorative paintings with distinctive artistic features, and modern works with rich colors. , with the surrounding is both traditional and stylish Shuinan, Shuibei District is very much in line. Although the Chinese Valentine's Day has passed, the love of Chinese Valentine's Day cohesion has not diminished. Messages on wall paintings such as “Hand in Hand Forever” have caused the crowds on the crowd to be moved.

According to reports, during the National Day this year, the second phase of Tangxishui North Street is expected to continue to launch love activities. By then, both pairs of lovers will be able to wander around the canal and choose local souvenir-themed souvenirs. Take a look at Waterscape where again there is a loving landscape.

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