Nowadays, some fake drug advertisements flood the market, making it difficult to prevent them. To this end, since late July, the Baoying County Association of Jiangsu Province, together with the local industry and commerce, food, and medicine departments, has organized 12 investigators, focusing on the current status, basic characteristics, hazards, and countermeasures of the current pharmaceutical advertising market. The pharmaceutical advertising market conducted a one-month special investigation. The survey results show that there are many problems in the pharmaceutical advertising market, and drug advertisements for remediation still require “drugs” for “deficiency”.

Baoying County Consumers Association survey shows that illegal drug advertisements mainly include the following: Contains unscientific assertions or guarantees that indicate efficacy, such as "best effect", "drug to disease", "radical cure", "safety without side effects" , "Invalid Refunds", etc.; contains absolute language such as "newest technology", "highest science", "most advanced system", etc.; contains cure rate, efficiency, and winning content; contains explicit or implicit Chinese medicine as pure "natural" Drugs, and thus safety, are guaranteed; claiming or implying that taking certain medicines can ease nervous life emotions and improve test scores, and even those that are higher, educational, etc. are purely non-existent.

Illegal drug advertisements pose a huge hazard. Therefore, Baoying Consumers Association recommends that the government should first take the lead in organizing drug administration, industry and commerce and other related functional departments to conduct joint law enforcement inspections on the drug advertising market to avoid the phenomenon of pushing and kicking the ball between departments. In strict accordance with the relevant provisions of laws, regulations, and regulations, they perform their respective duties, coordinate their operations, and jointly maintain the market order of pharmaceutical advertisements.

Second, it is necessary to increase the crackdown on illegal advertisers and advertising operators and enhance the deterrent effect of the law. Once advertisers falsify pharmaceutical advertising content and publish false advertisements, they should cancel their drug production and operation qualifications, and the consequences should be investigated for criminal liability. At the same time, the legal responsibility of the advertising operator should also be investigated, and the consequences of the advertising operator should be eliminated.

Third, it is necessary to intensify the review of drug advertisements and establish a system for investigating the responsibility of the person in charge of the relevant functional departments. In addition to investigating the adverse social effects and serious consequences of illegal drug advertisements, in addition to investigating the responsibility of advertising operators and advertisers, they should also investigate the relevant functional departments. Leadership responsibility.

Fourth, we must "disengage" drug advertising from the news media and give full play to the news media's role in public opinion supervision of illegal drug advertisements.

Fifth, we must give full play to the role of social supervision. The Baoying Consumers Association called for the establishment of an open and transparent social monitoring mechanism for pharmaceutical advertisements and publicizing the punishment results of illegal advertisements for drugs to the public. At the same time, the “Reporting Illegal Drug Advertisement Award Fund” was established, and the “Illegal Drug Advertisement Hotline” was opened, and illegal drug advertisement clues were widely solicited to make illegal advertisements of false drugs become a street-wielding rat.

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