According to the latest information from Baina, a few days ago, the Ministry of Commerce officially announced a set of important economic data. In this group of data, the Baina Net reporter saw that during the one week from August 29 to September 2, due to the increase in the purchase of meat and eggs by food processing companies before the Mid-Autumn Festival, the retail price of domestic eggs and the wholesale of pork Prices both set new highs during the year.

According to relevant data, during the past week, the retail price of eggs in the country rose by 1% over the previous week, and was unchanged from the previous week, reaching 10.31 yuan per kilogram. This is also the first time since the end of June that the price of eggs has been refreshed for the 10th consecutive week.

At the same time, the price of pork has experienced a brief fall in July and has risen again since mid-August. Pork prices rose by 0.4% from the previous week to 26.32 yuan per kilogram, breaking the previous high of 26.15 yuan, setting a record high. Statistics released by the Bureau of Statistics last week also showed that prices of pig hindquarters and pork belly continued to rise in late August, at 31.38 yuan and 30.37 yuan per kilogram, respectively.

According to industry sources, as the Mid-Autumn Festival approached, consumer demand for eggs increased, so the number of eggs in August rose by 2.3 percentage points. However, he predicted that the price of eggs will fall after the holiday. In August, the increase in pork prices has slowed down, but it still maintains an upward trend in inertia. Live hog prices are still operating at high levels. He believes that pork prices have peaked.

In addition, the Baina Net reporter learned that the average wholesale price of 18 kinds of vegetables in the week increased by 1.5% from the previous month, which was a sharp decrease of 4.6 percentage points from the previous week, among which eggplant, bitter gourd and onion prices topped the list. The prices of beef and mutton, edible oil, flour and rice have all increased at different rates.

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