September 26 Renminbi to U.S. dollar exchange rate hits new high On September 26, 2011, the latest data from the China Foreign Exchange Trading Center showed that the central parity of the yuan against the US dollar was reported at 6.3735, a sharp rise of 105 basis points from the previous trading day, and set a record high since the exchange rate reform.

In addition, on September 26, the central parity exchange rate of the RMB in the inter-bank foreign exchange market was: US$1 to RMB6.3735, one euro to RMB8.5634, one pound to RMB9.8499, one HKD to RMB0.81697, and one hundred yen to RMB 8.3270 yuan, 1 yuan to the ringgit of 0.49435, and 1 yuan to 5.0274 ruble.

It is reported that the previous trading day (September 23), the central parity of RMB against the US dollar reported 6.3840.

After the announcement of the Fed’s FOMC meeting released pessimistic views on the economy, worries about the global economy gradually spread throughout the market. At the same time, the manufacturing sector, which is the main force driving the recovery of the euro zone economy, is also shrinking. The initial value of the manufacturing PMI in the euro zone fell to the lowest level in two years since September.

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