At least once in a lifetime, forgetting for someone, not asking for results, not asking for peers, not asking for possession, not even asking you to love me, just asking for you in my most beautiful years..." And who would refuse to meet someone in a beautiful place? Who would refuse to wait for it, just like the flowers?

For the single aristocrats, there was an inexplicable panic about being alone, and the 11th November 11th, which is getting closer, is even more daunting. In the most "light" of the century, many single men and women have sincerely screamed "I want to take off!" But I don’t know how to realize the desire to “light out”. Will I participate in a blind date like the talent market? Or will it be publicly exposed in “You Are the One”, seeking people who are suspected of being right? Or follow a friend to various parties and look forward to the light of the scene. That happy?

If after all these kinds of things, still with disappointment, will you occasionally have the extravagant imagination: if you can meet in a romantic exotic place full of magical colors, and in the most "light" festival of the century Your own lucky god, then, this year's Singles Romantic Tour will be the end of your single, "new".

Perhaps, attending a single aristocratic group full of suspense and expectation is a choice that can achieve this dream, and is absolutely romantic and tasteful. If the bustling New York is too noisy, romantic Paris is not mysterious, and Blue Turkey may be a good choice. In the local most romantic girl tower seeking for his/her love, in the romantic Mediterranean with his/her boat trip to the sea, and enjoying a romantic candlelight dinner with him/her in Europe and Asia, what a beautiful life? Stay in a local 5-star hotel or enjoy a local specialty hotel. For example, Cappadocia specializes in cave hotels, Mediterranean Seaside Hotel Antalya, Pamukkale Spa Hotel, and a variety of specialty hotels to enjoy the luxury, yet romantic, mysterious atmosphere, so that any encounter is like a flower Open, everyone praised her bloom, but only she knew her waiting.

Have you heard the legend of dolphins? Legend has it that the dolphins once held a steel ring to help a pair of lost lovers reunite and became the patron saint of love. In the Dolphin Bay in Australia, there is a story of love and legend. Meet the Dolphin Bay lovers on the romantic and intimate Dolphin Bay Island, and meet the wild dolphins in a pure and unpolluted environment at dusk. This romantic plot seems to be only under the classic lens of the movie. Come here, you are one of the protagonists.

When you come to Australia, you must also participate in interesting mud-caught crab activities, feeding wild donkeys, gannets and fish; catching freshwater crayfish, pulling crab cages from mudflats, exotic scenes and other beach fun events. Intoxicated and do not know. In the evening, you can stay at the Blue Mountain Mountain Hotel and take a leisurely stroll through the Blue Mountains to enjoy the beauty of the mountains.

Single, "Don't always be alone, he/she has never been here, you have never appeared in his/her world. It seems that everyone is used to waiting, simply thinking that waiting will come. But waiting Missed, those happy happiness." Please exalt your slogan: "Strip Turkey!", "Streaking Australia", then tell him/her: "It turns out to meet you like this!".

Friendly Tip: If you want to make this meaningful romantic journey come true, you can join the Youth League. This ingenious romantic single aristocratic group only accepts single nobles, no age restrictions, and is equipped with a single leader. Visitors to this group also need to bring their own mysterious gifts. If they meet the favorite objects, they can also send them. They can also participate in the group to randomly draw gifts and gifts. CYTS also blessed a single prize for the single aristocrats: a gift of 999 yuan romantic honeymoon cash vouchers (limited to participate in the CYTS exit group, honeymoon after marriage). There is no briefing session in the form of a meeting before the trip to ensure that the guests will meet for the first time on November 11, 2011.

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