On November 22, the China Internet Business Entrepreneurship Forum was grandly opened in Wuhan. Focusing on the theme of "Network Innovation, Entrepreneurship, and China's Future," this forum has attracted leading domestic IT and Internet company leaders to attend the forum. Especially Wuhan, as a century-long industrial base, transportation hub, and commercial distribution center, the dream of central China's rise has been passed down for more than a hundred years. The elites of the IT industry have conducted in-depth discussions from multiple dimensions in conjunction with the theme of the conference. Among them, the “Intelligent Industry Entrepreneurial Business Opportunities Generated by the Influx of Smart Cities that Represents the Convergence of Information Technology Innovation and the Development Trend of Domestic Urbanization” proposed by Guo Wei, Chairman of Digital China Holdings Co., Ltd., will become a new engine for the rise of Central China. "The point of view received wide attention from many guests.

On this forum, Yuan Shanlu, executive deputy mayor of Wuhan, started with "Wuhan launched the cloud computing industry plan, which allows citizens to enjoy high-quality and convenient services." Talking about cloud computing, it has gradually fallen from the cloud to the people's livelihood. Project. As the first guest to speak on the forum, Guo Wei, chairman of the Digital China Board of Directors, expressed his deep approval. Guo Wei believes that: "In the new information technology revolution, the mobile Internet is also good, cloud computing is also good, that is, the information service is truly integrated into the real life." "From the spring of 2011, mobile Internet has gradually become a hot topic in the industry. And cloud computing should be more accurately understood today as cloud services, which is to turn traditional services into new service models through the Internet.The emergence of mobile internet and virtual computing today makes the audience of cloud services more common. The ultimate goal of the development of the city and the Internet is the same. They are all designed to make our lives more intelligent. Whether it is city management, business management, or people's lives, we will eventually have a living environment that understands our needs better."

Guo Wei said: “Only by clearly understanding the main driving forces of China’s current economic development can we rationalize the transitional context of the entire Chinese economy. Urbanization is the main driving force of current economic development, and urban management and enterprises encountered in the process of urbanization development. Many problems such as management and civic life can be solved effectively through smart cities." "The smart city is the next field that bred endless innovative applications and business opportunities."

The “wisdom industry” represented by the development of new technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and mobile Internet is becoming a force that cannot be ignored in the development of China’s urbanization. In addition to the development of smart cities in the future, there are not only IT leaders like Digital China. While leading the direction of development in the future, there will also be a place for these new innovative applications and network entrepreneurs. “China Digital is willing to provide a good integration platform for such a smart industrial environment, such an industrial cluster gathering place, and such innovation and entrepreneurship opportunities. At the same time, Digital China based on a deep understanding and practice of smart cities will help boost the wisdom of Wuhan. 'Construction accelerates the close integration of various types of smart industries and people's livelihood needs."

It is reported that as an important part of "Wisdom Wuhan", as early as April 22 this year, China Digital Octopus Information System Services Co., Ltd. signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Wuhan City Card Co., Ltd., which is responsible for the operation of the Wuhan One Card project. , to provide more powerful operational support for Wuhan Card. On August 10th, Digital China set up its second headquarters in Wuhan and launched the “Digital China Wuhan Science and Technology Park” project. After completion, the “Digital China Wuhan Science and Technology Park” will form a large-scale IT industrial park that can accommodate nearly 10,000 people. . Through a series of actions, Digital China is raising its resource support for Wuhan and the cohesiveness of the smart industrial chain from a strategic perspective, helping the overall economic development of Central China with Wuhan as its leader. Guo Wei said: "I believe we will build our own home. We need to build Wuhan into a smart city based on mobile internet and cloud computing through Internet technology."

This forum was strongly supported by the Ministry of Industry and Information Technology, the Wuhan Municipal Government, and the Internet Association. Nearly 200 people including local companies, university representatives and media representatives attended the conference. Portals such as Sina, Tencent, and Sohu, as well as more than 20 media such as Hubei Daily, Changjiang Daily, etc., are featured. As the co-organizer, Pioneer Power Information System Co., Ltd., a wholly-owned subsidiary of Digital China Group, provides on-site IT application and integration technical support.

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