"We must adhere to the real estate regulation and control policy unshakeable and promote the reasonable return of housing prices" - this may be one of the most important expressions of the eyes of ordinary people in the Central Economic and Economic Work Conference. When the entire economic environment becomes severe and the task of “stabilizing growth” is very urgent, why do we still insist on real estate regulation?

First of all, this is in the light of the reality that the current urban housing prices in our country are generally high. Since the start of market-oriented reforms, real estate prices have been rising all the way. Most cities have doubled or even multiplied several times. Out of caution, high-level leaders have not expressed their views on bubble theory, but have clearly determined that the real estate market is not healthy. In fact, no matter from the perspective of price-to-income ratio, or from the ratio of rental to sale, or from the perspective of consumption structure, it is not difficult to find: The real estate market is severely divorced from market fundamentals and, in a certain sense, has become a game for speculators to “drum the flowers”.

Partly because of ignorance and partly because of shamelessness, some experts and real estate developers are still advocating that there is no bubble in the real estate market. It does not deny that the housing rigid demand caused by rapid urbanization is huge, but which kind of commodity is not just huge? Why other needs just can be easily met by the market, but housing alone is impossible? With the huge productivity of our country's abundant labor force, almost all commodities may be surplus. Why is housing alone impossible? Since the reform of the housing market, the state has adopted policies to support the bank's overdraft of massive resources through mortgages. The efficiency of the real estate industry should be even higher. Overcapacity is only natural. The scarcity of land is indeed a rigid constraint. Can the development of high-altitude buildings and the operation of "Chinese characteristics" not easily overcome the bottleneck of land?

Those who have little market knowledge know that commodity production must be based on customer demand and purchasing power. Why is the market demand for the housing needs of the broadest low- and middle-income groups unsatisfied or not even questioned? Imagine that if a real estate developer went to a country to develop real estate, most of the country’s nationals could not afford the house he had developed. What is he doing? What else should he do? Why did he do it? When many land reserves in cities have taken up only 3% of the available land reserves in the country and even the entire country, people who advocate the absence of bubbles in the real estate market must return to common sense.

Secondly, a reasonable return on housing prices can bring about the effect of expanding domestic demand, stabilizing prices, and benefiting people's livelihood, and it can also bring about the effect of steady growth and structural adjustment. It can be called a central link. Undeniably, the real estate industry has a high degree of correlation. Upstream and downstream involve nearly 60 industries. It is also undeniable that the real estate industry has an obvious driving effect. The demand for real estate for every 100 yuan will affect the demand for 200 yuan in other industries. It is precisely because of this that real estate was once a pillar industry of the relevant national departments. However, the problem is that it is too late and the real estate market is filled with bubbles. This cannot be tolerated. After all, real estate is the basic material for people's livelihood. The reason why the lack of domestic demand has become a chronic problem in China's economy, and even industrial upgrading and structural adjustment can not be put in place. Important reasons include the squeeze of the real estate bubble. The consumption rate of residents is extremely low for a long time, and the investment rate, savings rate, and dependence on foreign trade are abnormally high for a long time, and the steady growth of real estate depends on drinking and drinking.

On the contrary, if housing prices can be properly returned, not only will domestic demand be expanded, the structure will be adjusted, and people’s livelihood will be more beneficial. Even if there is a loss in growth, the people’s mind will be greatly faster. Even “the world’s great people are rejoiced”, for the current urgently needed reforms, it has won a good foundation of public opinion and a social atmosphere.

The success or failure of real estate regulation and control, in a certain sense, relates to the perfection and success of the socialist market economic system. Due to the experience of the planned economic era, many people are unfamiliar with the inefficiency, waste, and unfairness of the planned economy. However, they lack experience, lessons, and understanding of the market economy's shortcomings. International experience has repeatedly shown that it is entirely possible for the market economy to "barbaric growth" and "irrational prosperity." There are counts of this and it is helpful to recognize the current real estate problem.

There is no lack of criticism about the current real estate regulation that is characterized by the restriction of the purchase of limited loans, and the government itself has shown insufficient emboldenedness. In essence, the limited purchase limit on real estate is too late. This is not an anti-market operation. It is an operation that returns to the market; it is not doing enough, but it is not doing enough. The future "limitation" should be further refined and improved. Accuracy.

“A single flower is not a spring, but a colorful one is spring.” Non-public ownership enterprises, as natural allies of the market economy and an important driving force of the socialist market economy, should consciously support real estate regulation and control and resist real estate, whether engaged in or involved in the real estate industry. Exorbitant profits, refusal of real estate speculation, and the ability to promote the reasonable return of housing prices, so as to create a better internal and external environment for the development of non-public economy.

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