According to Voice of China's "National News Network," the new rules will be implemented on February 1 for two years. The provisions of the large-scale car rescue services across the charges, the implementation of low-cost policy, each vehicle to rescue basic kilometers (10 kilometers or less, that is, the starting price) is 200 yuan for the trailer, more than 10 kilometers, plus 5 yuan per kilometer For other large vehicles, the towing fee cannot exceed 1,500 yuan per vehicle at a time.

The "Notice" also clarified that the rescue services for ordinary highways and urban road vehicles were provided by social aid agencies and were no longer designated by the public security department.

Nanjing General Department of Price Bureau, De-Yang Yang: Some law enforcement agencies illegally assigned road vehicles to unqualified social aid agencies to implement and collect high fees, and the social response was strong. Then it must be implemented in accordance with the rescue charges we set.

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