In order to make the annual leave use the best, in addition to the painstaking choice of destination, you can also play innovative ways. It’s better to learn how to travel now, how do you like to travel, these fresh tide games are quietly popular, why not try it?

In order to make the annual leave use the best, in addition to the painstaking choice of destination, you can also play innovative ways. It’s better to learn how to travel now, how do you like to travel, these fresh tide games are quietly popular, why not try it?

"Flash play" "fast" spirit

Recommended reason: You have annual leave, but not all friends can happily take a holiday at the end of the year. Don't worry about not being able to find a companion, go to "flash play", and swim with strangers for a day, maybe have a new experience.

What is “flash play”? It is a short-term travel dating activity. The “Flash Play” family does not know each other. In a short time, they can find like-minded playmates through the Internet and play together during the agreed time. "Flash play" is about "quick", that is, the time is very short, generally control is in one day, that is, "Flash Friends" meet in the morning, carry out tourism activities according to the plan beforehand, and end the flash play activities at night, each break up, It is limited to the duration of the event. However, if the "Flash Friends" are still unfinished, they can continue to travel the next day.

The “Flash Play” game is rich and colorful. Generally, the promoters will make an appointment in the forum, the specific location and the connector method. Then the interested “Flash Friends” can leave a message to contact the publisher. The vehicle used by the "Flash Play" family is an airplane, which also reflects the "fast" spirit of "flash play".

Travel the world online

Recommended reason: Weibo has become a fashion trend nowadays, and “Weibo Travel” is a small fashion in the microblogging boom, and it is also popular among friends.

If you are on vacation, you may wish to post your feelings on the trip on Weibo. Although it is only 140 words in length, Weibo travel can leave you with instant feelings and the most fresh and practical travel information. You can also use this to greet those microblogging friends who are unable to travel, or those who are also planning to travel to the local area like you, to let them quickly share your travel experience. It is said that in the United Kingdom last year, a friend named Smith in the United Kingdom completed his journey through Weibo. On the way, he used Weibo to update his own dynamics at any time, and all the next travel accommodations were arranged by other Weibo users. Weibo friends also enthusiastically made suggestions to allow Smith to successfully travel from Newcastle, England, to Campbell Island, New Zealand within 30 days. Of course, to learn the adventure Weibo travel such as Smith, you can have a huge fan base support, the journey is full of unknowns, you have to take risks if you want to follow suit!

Travel around with a doll

Recommended reason: Mr. Bean carries the little bear to go around, the movie "Angel Loves Beauty", Emily secretly took the dwarf in his father's garden, let the flight attendant take it around the world and take photos... these warm The bridge section is being staged in reality, and the current "doll travel" in the world makes the doll the protagonist of travel.

Specifically, there are two ways to "doll travel". One is like Mr. Bean, and the owner personally takes the doll to travel, but the general host does not like to appear, but the doll instead of himself on the mirror, in the iconic Photographs were taken before the attraction, and the other was a doll instead of the owner. There is now a special "Doll Travel Office" at home and abroad, which allows the doll to take the place of the owner, so that those who have no time but are eager to travel can also pass the doll. Achieving the desire to travel.

For those who can take annual leave, traveling with their favorite dolls is certainly the preferred method. Pick a favorite doll and take it with you to make a different Pose in different scenes, leaving the most special photos. However, when shooting a doll travel photo, you may be attracted to the crowd. Remember not to be influenced by the curious person, and focus on the most beautiful photos for your beloved doll.

Travel on "interchangeable" paper

Recommended reason: When you go out for a trip, do you also have the habit of sending a postcard with your local postmark to yourself and your relatives and friends? If you are also a collector of postcards, then you can join the “Reciprocal Travel Postcard” event. You realize your desire to collect postcards from all over the place.

The organization of mutual postcards, one is “interchangeable”, that is, you can send postcards to netizens who “see the eye” on the road, and then get postcard feedback from the other party. Or if you are generous, you can also send a collection of posts online before the departure of the vacation tour, so that interested netizens can sign up, you can choose the objects you want to send, send postcards to these passionate strangers on the trip, write down I felt my own feelings at the time, or wrote down the corresponding words according to the requirements of the other party, so that strangers can feel the trip on this paper with you.

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