Google earlier announced its 2011 full-year financial report. The report showed that the entire year's revenue was about 37.9 billion US dollars, of which the proportion of advertising revenue exceeded 96%, which is the main economic pillar of the huge Google Empire. Recently, the US Internet advertising analysis agency WordStream estimated the advertiser structure of Google, and derived the amount of revenue contributed by various industries to Google and the top five advertisers in various industries.

According to data from Analysys International and iResearch earlier, search engine keyword advertisements accounted for nearly 40% of the domestic Internet advertising market. Search-based advertising is almost universal in all walks of life. Therefore, it also spawned a large number of specialized search engine optimizations. The marketing company's research on Google's search keywords will also help domestic advertisers explore keyword bidding mechanisms to adjust the best buying strategy.

According to WordStream's estimates, the financial and insurance industry is Google’s largest advertisers industry and contributed $4 billion in revenue to Google in 2011. Among them, StateFarm, the US insurance company, is the largest gold owner in the industry, spending a total of 43.7 million US dollars in advertising expenses throughout the year. In the insurance industry, the most competitive search keyword is "SelfEmployedHealthInsurance", and the fierce bidding also makes it the most expensive Google keyword. Every time the searcher clicks on this keyword-imported ad, the advertiser pays $43 for it.

The retail industry spent 2.8 billion U.S. dollars in advertising expenses throughout the year, ranking second in Google’s advertising spending rankings, with Amazon and eBay contributing most of the industry’s expenses for 55.2 million U.S. dollars and 42.8 million U.S. dollars respectively. E-commerce giants have purchased a large number of retail-related keywords. Interestingly, the industry's hottest keywords are not some of the fast-selling products we know well, but a dance instructional CD (Zumbadance DVD, Zumba Dance DVD). However, compared to other industries, the average price of retail keywords is significantly lower, but the scope involved is far less than other industries can match.

In addition, consumer electronics ranks sixth in the list of industry spending and contributes $2 billion in revenue for Google throughout the year. Among them, Hewlett-Packard, Dell, Best Buy, Apple and Microsoft are the top five Googlers in this field. The keywords of this industry also seem to be different from the consumer electronics we usually come in contact with. The most popular keywords are videoconferencing software, ink cartridges, email marketing, memory, and anti-virus software.

It is the automotive industry that follows consumer electronics. Interestingly, of the top five advertisers in this area, there is only one car brand, Chevrolet. Ranked first in cars. Com spent $21.3 million in advertising throughout the year and is a used car trading website. Chevrolet ranked fifth in spending only $15.5 million, and there was a tire manufacturer that spent up to $16.9 million. The most popular vocabulary is "cheaphybridcar".

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