According to the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the airport construction fee is dedicated to airport construction. However, not long ago, Capital Airport Corporation announced the 2006 interim results announcement: Before June 30, the Capital Airport was outside the three aviation businesses. According to the regulations of the Ministry of Finance and the Civil Aviation Administration of China, the Capital Airport shall charge the airport construction fee to each departing Beijing passenger on behalf of the Civil Aviation Administration. The domestic passengers are 50 yuan, and the international passengers are 70 yuan. 50% of the return to the Capital Airport by the Civil Aviation Administration of China as its income."

The reality tells people that although the legitimacy of airport construction fees has been fiercely attacked by experts and the public, this pattern will not change soon in the future. Of course, if the airport construction fee can be used exclusively for special purposes, the people will understand it. However, the key to the problem is the opacity of fees and uses and the lack of disclosure of various information, which will inevitably be questioned by the public.

First of all, the airport construction fee has become a “dividend” for the Civil Aviation Administration and the airport. According to the joint document of the Civil Aviation Administration of China and the Ministry of Finance, the airport construction fee income will be fully paid into the central treasury, and the airport construction fee will be returned to the financial departments of the provinces, autonomous regions and municipalities directly under the central government according to a certain proportion, and will be used exclusively for local airport construction and operation subsidies, and the rest. It is included in the central budget management to support airport construction. The actual situation is that 50% of them are returned to the airport, and the remaining 50% are uniformly deployed by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. Obviously, this kind of fund allocation method belongs to the special fund, which is clearly the “dividend” of the airport and the Civil Aviation Administration. Furthermore, for this part of the income of the airport, who can guarantee that it can be used for airport construction. In addition, 50% of the funds are allocated by the Civil Aviation Administration of China. The fairness and fairness of this self-supporting method is inevitably questionable.

Second, the airport construction fee has become a "confusing account." According to statistics, between 1992 and 2005, the number of our national airports increased from 100 to 142, and the airport construction fee was 15 yuan per person from the initial, to the current domestic flight 50 yuan per person, international flights 90 per person. Yuan, domestic feeder flights are 10 yuan per person. As of this year, China's civil aviation industry has collected more than 30 billion yuan in airport construction fees. I don’t know if I’m scared, this construction fee is an astronomical figure. Therefore, as the ultimate owner of various public facilities, the public has the right to know where the airport construction fees have been spent over the years. Moreover, how the airport construction fee is not a national secret, may wish to announce to all taxpayers: What kind of use is the money, how much has really used the airport construction, how many airports have been built and expanded, and how much is used. other aspects? On these issues, it is irresponsible to remain silent.

Finally, it is difficult for the public to understand that passengers do not receive a corresponding “reward” after paying expensive airport construction fees. Since the airport construction fee is dedicated to airport construction, passengers who have spent money should be provided with reasonable prices. The reality is that there are common high-cost service fees and high shopping prices in the national airports, and even strange things about asking for road charges. In the eyes of the public, only the civil aviation department saw money from its own pockets, but did not see the huge amount of airport construction fees to return to the customers. In this way, how can passengers be convinced of this cost?

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