Recently, the news was uploaded from the 5th World Aviation City Conference. The Hong Kong airport will officially take over the Zhuhai Airport within a few months. The competition and cooperation pattern of the five major airports in the Pearl River Delta will undergo major restructuring and changes. This is a significant move that goes far beyond the scope of the air transport industry. If the cooperation between Hong Kong Airport and Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport is approved, the significance will be even more profound.

Hong Kong's new road of cooperation with the Mainland

As everyone knows, maintaining Hong Kong's prosperity and stability is not only a major economic issue, but also a major political issue. To this end, especially in the past 10 years since the return of Hong Kong, the Mainland and Hong Kong, the Central Government and the Hong Kong SAR Government have made great efforts and adopted many measures. Such as Hong Kong Sui, Hong Kong and Shenzhen cooperation, Pan-Pearl River Delta cooperation, CEPA arrangements. However, with the continuous expansion of the Mainland's openness to the outside world, Hong Kong's role as an open gateway and bridgehead in the Mainland is declining. For example, with the large number of Hong Kong businessmen investing in the mainland to set up factories, Hong Kong's manufacturing industry is gradually declining; with the Mainland's foreign trade. In the development, Hong Kong's entrepot trade is declining; with the development of the mainland's financial and service industries, some corporate headquarters or Asian branches have moved to Shanghai, and part of the business in Hong Kong has also moved to the mainland. In addition, some of the effects will also change with the changes in the situation. For example, when the mainland and Taiwan achieve the "three links," now the activities and businesses that have to bypass the Hong Kong will be reduced and cancelled. Therefore, how to develop the relationship between Hong Kong and the Mainland under the new situation and to close the division of labor and cooperation between the two places will become the common task of Hong Kong and the Mainland.

The basic relationship between Hong Kong and the Mainland is that Hong Kong is an outpost, the Mainland is a hinterland, Hong Kong has rich management resources, and the Mainland has huge management needs. Hong Kong's service level is well-known in the world and the service level in the Mainland is relatively backward. In the past, we have achieved a win-win situation based on this. We have developed the mainland economy and maintained Hong Kong's prosperity. We will continue to carry forward and carry forward in the future, but the forms and methods are different. The Hong Kong airport’s takeover of Zhuhai Airport and cooperation with Xiaoshan Airport are predicting this change. If Hong Kong businessmen's inland migration and entrepot trade are naturally formed under open conditions, then the behavior of Hong Kong airports is the result of market competition. It is the Hong Kong industry's breakthrough system, actively utilizing and expanding the hinterland of the hinterland. The product of the support. It has pointed out the direction for the development of other industries in Hong Kong, including finance and telecommunications, and has opened up a new path for cooperation between Hong Kong and the Mainland.

Enterprises and the private sector are the main players

In the development of Hong Kong and its cooperation with the Mainland, it is indeed inseparable from the efforts of the Central Government and the Hong Kong SAR Government and local governments at all levels in Guangdong. However, if there is only government initiative and no civil effort, it will obviously be difficult to work. . The cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong and the cooperation between Guangzhou and Hong Kong has been going on for many years. I talked a lot and did less. I want to be based on me. I want to be the boss. The result is not effective. Some big slogans, apart from the propaganda effect, we can’t see What is the actual effect? It is not difficult to understand that the cooperation between Shenzhen and Hong Kong and Guangzhou and Hong Kong is still difficult, including cooperation between Guangdong, Fujian and Guangxi.

CEPA is largely a central arrangement for opening up the mainland market to Hong Kong, and its role remains to be seen by the efforts and actions of market players. The practice of Hong Kong Airport taking over Zhuhai Airport and cooperating with Hangzhou Xiaoshan Airport is a major move and important breakthrough in this regard. It is an "air bridge" set up by Hong Kong and extends its hinterland inward; it is a foothold and support point that Hong Kong has found in the Mainland, using its own management resources to expand the market space in the Mainland; it solves The contradiction between the design limits of the Hong Kong airport and the idle resources of Zhuhai Airport have been a breakthrough and innovation in the cooperation system and policies between the Mainland and Hong Kong. This kind of arrangement is a real cooperation and uncompromising progress.

It can be seen that in the economic and trade cooperation between regions, the real subject is not the government, but the private sector and enterprises, which are the innovative behaviors of enterprises. The so-called "government set up, enterprises sing opera" is not the government's investment in business, the enterprise runs a long-term, it is not an official tour of the mountains, the enterprise pays the bill, but the government creates a good investment environment and business conditions, truly the protagonist of the enterprise, independent Make choices and make decisions, and direct such comedys that are vivid and powerful. The meaning of CEPA is also here.

New development momentum needs the guarantee of institutional innovation

When it comes to the "marriage" between Hong Kong and Zhuhai airports, it is necessary to mention an old case to take over and reorganize Zhuhai Airport. At the beginning, the construction of Zhuhai Airport had been criticized a lot, and the author was also one of the critics. This criticism is still valid today. This is not only because the construction of Zhuhai Airport is the result of distorted political achievements and power expansion, but also the product of vicious competition among local governments. It is not a credit, but a major failure of officials to lead economic construction. Zhuhai Airport has been built for many years. There are very few aircraft movements and landings. The air show is not very prosperous. Most of the time is in the sun, how much waste is known? And such things are still happening today, and even more and more. Now, the Hong Kong airport took over and the resources that have been idle for many years have finally come in handy, which is naturally a good thing. However, it cannot be proved in reverse that the decision to build Zhuhai Airport is the so-called "foresight" of officials.

More importantly, Hong Kong Airport took over and reorganized Zhuhai Airport, pushing the development of the Pearl River Delta air transport industry, airport industry and aviation city to a new stage. The resulting competition in the five major airports in the Pearl River Delta may be an important opportunity to promote cooperation between Hong Kong and the Mainland and the economic development of the Pearl River Delta. However, this good development momentum requires institutional guarantees. If we can't continue to innovate and continue to break through the system, the development of the five major airports and aviation cities can't highlight their respective characteristics, can't provide differentiated services, can't be well divided and cooperated, and it may fall into vicious competition. So, good. The beginning does not necessarily have a good result.

(The author is the chairman of Beijing Tianze Economic Research Institute)

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